Tonight’s the Night Lakewood Will Keep Rt. 47 Dark

Between Ballard Road and Route 176, a lighted electronic sign has been proposed.

The Lakewood Village Board is holding a meeting tonight at 7 at Red Tail Golf Course at which the following is all that is on the agenda:

“To Consider and Take Action to Adopt an Ordinance to Annex the Territory Generally Located on the East Side of Illinois Route 47, South of Illinois Route 176 and North of Ballard Road”

The purpose is to stop construction of an electronic billboard with moving lights.

Here is the lot that the Lakewood Village Board is poised to annex against the wishes of its owner.


Tonight’s the Night Lakewood Will Keep Rt. 47 Dark — 3 Comments

  1. Almost all of our politicians in McHenry county are supposed to Republicans who are supposed to be in favor of individual rights, particularly when it comes to the ownership of property.

    Yet, our pols continue to legislate against individual rights and in favor of bigger and better government.

    Doesn’t Lakewood have something better to do than worry about an electric sign on Route 47.

    hey must drink the same water as their counterparts in CL.

    Maybe both Boards should spend some time cleaning up the west end of our namesake.

    Why do we keep voting for these idiots?

  2. And see, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I think of when people role out the anti-government talk:

    If we didn’t have municipalities looking out for the common good, we’d have huge illuminated signs every ten feet up and down the highway.

    What’s wrong with Lakewood saying we don’t want that here?

    Don’t we have to right to stop great big huge eyesores from cluttering up the highway?

  3. Drive down Rt. 31 near Bull Valley- that sign is a hazard.

    It is distracting and can be seen for at least a half mile north-

    It is SO bright at night it is dangerous.

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