“You Don’t Know Jack!” – Joe Rosner Cites Where Jack Franks Violates First Amendment

Joe Rosner

State Rep. write-in candidate Joe Rosner has a page on his web site that lists the violations of the United States Constitution which he believes incumbent Democrat Jack Franks, an attorney, has violated.

His First Amendment observation is reproduced below:

Joe Rosner’s image of Jack Franks.

You Don’t Know Jack!
Constitution Edition
Think you know Jack?  Here are Jack Franks’ actions and positions on YOUR Constitutional Rights:

The First Amendment protects your individual freedom of expression through publication of ideas. It is needed to maintain an informed citizenry.  Voters need to make informed decisions.

Rep. Franks has used threats on law firm letterhead and messages delivered by the Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to stifle legitimate political discussion.  He does not believe the Internet is protected free speech although a growing body of law says it is.  I believe that unless there is a call for violence or a breach of the peace it is protected speech and vital to our democracy.

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“You Don’t Know Jack!” – Joe Rosner Cites Where Jack Franks Violates First Amendment — 13 Comments

  1. That would be a vote for Franks, then, True.

    If you want to play anyone but Franks, that will result in no change at all.

    This man might give us a chance to oust this dynasty.

  2. Jack has no opponent.

    It’s an automatic win.

    Who cares how anyone votes.

    Maybe I will write in spongebob.

    Anyone want to buy a house in McHenry?

  3. Well, this entire ‘edition’ is predicated on a fabrication.

    Since Joe’s (R-McHenry County Blog) only source is this blog site, perhaps he should ask Cal to post the whole story of the situation he references. Cal — to date — never has.

    Go ahead, Joe, see if Cal will be more honest with you than his McReaders.

  4. People can write in any name they wish, but the only votes that will be counted, under the current very strange law, are those of registered write-in candidates.

  5. “Well…”, sorry to spoil your day, but McHenry County Blog is not the only source for information about Joe’s write-in campaign.

  6. So are you registered as a write in, True? I know that spongebob isn’t.

  7. True C, I hope you won’t waste your vote.

    Elections across the country are won by one vote.

    Please make your vote count.

  8. Gus, try and follow along.

    I know it’s sometimes tough for you.

    McHenry County Blog is JOE’s only source for manufactured hit material on Franks.

    I didn’t write — nor imply — that other bloggers aren’t writing about his “campaign.”

    I put campaign in quotes because it’s not a really campaign, anyway.

    But hey, he’s free to do as he pleases.

    Oh, and BTW, your blog make’s this site look like the WSJ.

  9. Kind of funny how Joe criticized me on his last post on the first blog post for not using my real name and in his website he states he is for Internet free speech. Isn’t one of the principles of the internet anonymity?

    And to Cal, I really find it tragically hilarious that you think Joe is going to start a change in the Madigan guard – Joe who has NO experience in politics, has NOT been a precinct committeeman, and has NOT worked on a single general assembly campaign in so much as walking door to door, blitzing literature, or phone banking that he has made known. I’m sure voters state wide will jump on his campaign ideals of no mobilization, no fundraising, no efforts to so much as hire staff or mobilize volunteers, and his purely ideologue status. Sure, idealism is great but it sure is helpful to live in the real world and not whine about how the system hasn’t worked when “candidate” Joe did not so much as run in the primary, or try and get petitions signatures.

    But I’ll be voting for the candidate that went through the primary process; the candidate that actually got petition signatures; the candidate that has a track record of not voting for a single tax increase since he was elected; and that candidate certainly is not Joe (R – McHenry County Blog).

    By the way, Cal, are you going to post that Zinke letter ever – the letter that Joe feels Jack used to squash free speech? Seems that you are pretty adament about not posting it, therefore quelling free speech, yet alternatively arguing passively through your new manchurian candidate that Jack is against free speech because Zinke and Franks sent in letters politely asking you not to attend their public events. Oh, Cal, your hypocracy makes even the most Rovian spin doctor blush.

  10. Funny how you can’t use the same false name each time you post.

  11. Oh Cal, they are still ugly there in McHenry County . . .they do not know the history and you know what they say, If you don’t know your history, what happens.

    Keep up the good work Cal.

  12. Anonymous you absolutely have the right to hide under your Internet rock, tossing out insults and pointing fingers.

    And while I may disagree with your name calling, I’ll defend your right to do it. But mothers are off limits, okay?

    It would be great if the primary and political processes had worked and I could stay home watching TV.

    They did not and I cannot.

    Vote for Jack Franks/Michael Madigan if you are happy with the government you are getting.

    I’m not a video artist, but I did take some facts about Jack Franks/Michael Madigan and put them to music on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzwFKt9y7zo

    The lyrics are not really perfect or entirely appropriate. But music makes it easier to watch.

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