Two Polls Reported to Show Walsh-Duckworth Contest Tight

Joe Walsh

Crain’s Chicago Business political reporter Greg Hinz is consistentwith the report I had that the race between Democrat Tammy Duckworth and Republican incumbent Joe Walsh is close.

Hinz cites two polls.

The first by the Tarrance Group, a firm that traditionally works for Republican candidates, has a current reading of 47% for Duckworth, 45% for Walsh. Probably a statistic tie when one considers the margin of error.

“…a We Ask America survey — the group is closely affiliated with the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association —…showed a five-point Walsh margin, I’m told,” Hinz added.

It should be noted that We Ask America was the only poll on the 2010 8th District race against Melissa Bean that gave Walsh a chance.

Pretty much no one paid any attention to the 2010 poll.

Take those not confirmed poll results and combine it with the over $800,000 television buy by a Super PAC called Now or Never reported by Kerry Lester in a Daily Herald article yesterday and you know Duckworth is not going to walk away with this election.

You don’t spend that kind of money on a candidate who has no chance.


Two Polls Reported to Show Walsh-Duckworth Contest Tight — 5 Comments

  1. Rasmussen (a conservative leaning pollster) has a much wider margin and it is not favorable for Walsh.

    The problem with the “Now or Never” ad…too many TVs are being destroyed by spewing coffee as the spot is nothing more than a work of fiction.

    And 800K in the Chicago media market really is not that much.

  2. The Khalifah Conference was held at the Oak Lawn Hilton in 09.

    The Fall Of Capitalism, The Rise Of Islam.

    Great work Joe.

  3. To be clear… the WAA poll supposedly has Walsh down 5, not up 5. The implication in the post is that the WAA poll has Walsh up by 5.

  4. Wish I could verify the We Ask America poll, but it is not being disclosed to folks like McHenry County Blog.

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