Joe Rosner Explains How the U.S. Constitution Would Affect Legislative Votes

Joe Rosner

Here’s State Rep. write-in candidate Joe Rosner’s take on the United States Constitution as found on his campaign web site:

Joe’s Take on Our Constitution

In my opinion, the Bill of Rights is among the most precious gifts bestowed upon us by the Founders.

All of these ten amendments require the others in order to be effective.

You cannot allow one to be degraded without degrading them all.

Like other Americans who have served in the United States military, I took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. I have never regretted taking that oath and I will never retract it.

Therefore, when considering my support or opposition to any legislation, my first question will not be; “Is it needed?” or “Can we pay for it?” but rather, “Is it Constitutional?”

Rosner is running against Jack Franks, a Democrat who has voted for Mike Madigan for House Speaker six times.


Joe Rosner Explains How the U.S. Constitution Would Affect Legislative Votes — 10 Comments

  1. This guy is a little overboard on practicality, it sounds great that he is avid about our Constitution, but of the tens of thousands of legislative acts passed by all the governing bodies of the US, States, Counties, municipalities and lesser, maybe, a handful are ever considered unconstitutional, so aren’t we making much ado about nothing here.

    I, for one, am more concerned about whether we can afford it, and would be more interested in supporting Joe’s candidacy if he would make an effort to repeal some of the many laws that restrict us.

  2. It’s great you’re serving as a campaign website for this guy, Cal. But let’s be honest- if Charles Manson ran against Jack Franks you’d hail him as a great leader who knows how to cut the fat.

  3. Jack Franks is a Demon….

    Like Obama he is a lair…and can’t be trusted.

    Cal, I appreciate all the information you have reported about Mr. Rosner.

    Keep it coming…. one can not reply on the bias media for honest reporting.

    ” Three Cheers Cal. “

  4. Speaking of unconstitutional…..

    What ChainSaw Jack proposed in his HB 3884 was allowing ComEd ability to take control of and chop and destroy private property in some cases. .

    This is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution Amendment 5.

    Go Joe…….get the Demon

  5. Hahaha. Now the bias media argument.

    Let’s see the birth certificate!

    Who needs fact when you’ve got a pension double-dipping, disgruntled political nemesis to provide the truth!

  6. The constitution was built on compromise- “I do not entirely approve of this Constitution at present; but sir, I am sure I shall never approve of it. … I doubt, too, whether any other Convention we can obtain may be able to make a better constitution” Ben Franklin was the champion of compromise.

    Perhaps Joe should research the genesis and intent of the document.

    The 5th Amendment is about allows for just compensation for seized property.

  7. To M. Maule..

    If you would look up ChainSaw Jack Franks’ HB 3884 it DOES NOT PAY compensation by due process..
    ….It illegally takes control of private property in some cases.

    Read it…..I know it might be a difficult task for you a Democrat to read something BEFORE IT passes.

  8. TS, that’s not — at all — what the propoaed legislation did.

    You cannot cite a signal source that proves your assertions.

    And no, this blog doesn’t count.

    Alas, conversing with you is like arguing with a dining room table.

    Why bother

  9. Incorporanistas everywhere. I should not be surprised as that is what the ruling class has taught we the people for many years along with “one nation indivisible.” 

    The protections cited in Amendments 1 to 9 are restrictions on the General Government, not the States or the People. Read the Preamble to the Bill of Rights for details.  

    For restrictions on government of the State of Illinois refer to the IL Constitution and the few specific prohibitions in the Constitution on States.

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