Lakewood Talking New Municipal Complex

Tomorrow is the night that the Lakewood Village Board will discuss a new municipal complex.

The rumor mill, via a Crain’s Chicago Business reporter, suggests that the Turnberry Country Club, which has undergone hard times during the recession, may be suggested as a replacement.

The following comes from the most recent Lakewood Village Newsletter:

Long-Term Plans for Village Hall

We have also had some very preliminary discussions with a consortium to begin to more thoughtfully and carefully consider

  • the possible development of a restaurant on the current Village Hall site;
  • the creation of a town center; and
  • the construction of a municipal complex.

This process is completely exploratory at this time, and no commitments will be made without significant input from our residents.

A more formal presentation to gather additional information about the process is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25 at 7 PM.


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  1. It sure is easy to spend other people’s money, maybe the Lakewood emperors learned something from the good folks in Grafton township or maybe they are just jealous ofShepley’s digs.

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