McSweeney Asks Voters to Look Below the Surface of Beaubien’s Campaign

It’s Monday, so there must be another direct mail piece in the mail box.

Today’s is from David McSweeney, the GOP candidate.

And he’s doing his best to point out the Democratic Party financing of his opponent Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan).

“Vote No on Dee Beaubien,” says the biggest, boldest print on the page.

“Scratch the surface” is the theme of David McSweeney latest mailing. He points out that Mike Madigan-controlled Political Action Committees have spent $51,000 on Dee Beaubien’s campaign.

The scratch off ticket idea is one I have not seen before.  It works for this kind of mailing, I think.

Here are the foot notes big enough to read:

Two of the foot notes are to McHenry County Blog stories.

The back of the mailing has a re-cycled photo.

David McSweeney uses the back side of the post card to talk of his business background.


McSweeney Asks Voters to Look Below the Surface of Beaubien’s Campaign — 3 Comments

  1. Still no one that wants to share the full quote for the alleged “fair” quote from Dee?

    And Cal still refuses to even respond on the issue?

    Come on- someone around here has to know what Dee actuall said. And someone around here has the ability to call the McSweeney campaign ans get the full quote.

    The again- something tells me that the McSWeeney campaign doesn’t want anyone to know the full quote. Then they would be exposed as a campaign that continues the lying that started with their campaign against Gaffney.

  2. Come on – can ANY McSweeney supporters back up McSweeney’s claim on the alleged “fair” quote from Dee?


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