“Where’s Tammy?” Contest Winner Announced

A press release from the Illinois Republican Party:

Probably inspired by publicity about the 25th anniversary of the appearance of “Where’s Waldo?” the Illinois Republican Party ran a contest called, “Where’s Tammy?”

On Tuesday, the Illinois Republican Party announced David Rogers of Bloomingdale, IL as the lucky winner of its contest to hear Tammy Duckworth speak this Thursday, September 27.

Mr. Rogers will fly to California tomorrow, enjoy a one night’s stay and dinner, then have the rare chance to hear Tammy Duckworth speak Thursday at Santa Monica College.

“We’re thrilled that a lucky 8th district resident will finally have a chance to hear Tammy Duckworth in person and potentially ask her a question,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady.

“We wish more voters from the 8th District could enjoy this exclusive opportunity to hear Tammy Duckworth. The people from

  • Trinity Lutheran in Roselle, Rainbow Academy in Carol Stream, and
  • the League of Women Voters

would have had this same opportunity, but Duckworth declined to address those organizations when her and Walsh were extended invitations.”

“Tammy Duckworth is free to chose the voters of California over those in the 8th District,” Brady continued.

“But if she’s going to claim she will represent the people of the 8th better than Congressman Walsh, she should spend more time in the district publicly addressing the concerns of voters. Hopefully she can get a fresh start when Dave Rogers of Bloomingdale makes the trek to California to finally have a chance to hear her speak and ask a question.”

Contest winner Dave Rogers stated, “I’m excited to finally have the chance to hear Tammy Duckworth.

“She hardly comes into the district, and when she does it comes with little public notice for people to attend.

“I hope I can finally get the chance to ask her a question about where she is on the issues since I’ve heard so little up to this point. I also won’t mind enjoying Los Angeles for a day.”


“Where’s Tammy?” Contest Winner Announced — 4 Comments

  1. I’m starting a new campaign…”Where’s the Dee “fair” quote?”


  2. The latest poll shows Duckworth ahead of Walsh by 14 points, but I guess if Joe wants to waste his money on stupid political stunts he’s entitled to do so.


    She was in the district all last weekend — all you needed to do was check her campaign page on Facebook.

    Mr. Rogers could have asked her a question at her ice cream social in Palatine, for example.

  3. I’ve NEVER seen her at a parade, debate, or forum in the district. Only Chicago, DC, NYC, or the left coast.

    In my town a local business owner did a Wounded Warrior event.

    Her campaign booked her to be the keynote speaker.

    The organizers built a ramp so she would have wheel chair access.

    Day of the event, they get a call that she was too busy attend.

    They wasted a lot time making the stage accessible and she just blew them off.

    Not many people in my town will vote for that carpetbagger Duckworth.

  4. Isn’t it common sense to campaign in the area you are trying to get elected in?

    Ya know get the voters that live there and can vote for you?

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