Signs Favoring County Executive Referendum Appear

What a hoot!

A sign supporting Jack Franks’ referendum for the County Executive form of government.

Not the sign that says, but who it identifies as buying it.

Paid for by McHenry County Republicans for Lower Taxes

The Republicans are unnamed, of course.

Two of these signs were spotted on Route 173 near Harvard.


Signs Favoring County Executive Referendum Appear — 12 Comments

  1. So the McHenry County Executive position could be the reason Lake in the Hills Village President Ed Plaza has not yet announced his re-election intentions for next year?

  2. There were a bunch of these on Country Club Rd. in Woodstock, just East of the fairgrounds.

    They were in the same yards as the Jack Franks signs.

  3. Why should I believe any of you more than I should believe this sign?

    Besides some hypothetical boogyman you’ve made a county executive out to be — I have yet to see one piece of evidence to backup your assertions.

    You seem to just boil it down to an aphorism.

    Why should the burden not be on you too?

  4. There was one on 23 and kishwaukee valley road.

    I’m sure these “Republicans” we’re the same ones who gave money to Frank’s campaign.

  5. Ahhh. Republicans are never allowed to support Democrats — otherwise they are no longer Republicans.

    That shortsighted mentality isn’t going to get you very far.

    I can’t get over all the McHenry County GOPers playing the victim while they control every local office of consequence.

    Just admit you aren’t happy unless you are complaining about something.

  6. I don’t support Jack, but I am going to give this referendum a serious look.

    I figure that since the incumbents all have their undies in a bunch, including the current ol’ boys and Geri network, maybe something like this will shake them up.

    On the other hand, under the Doctrine of Unintended Consequences, if voting for this only allows the current network to dig in further or for a new local tyrant to override the will of the voters, then you don’t support it.

    Personally, I LOVE watching the current local GOP leadership squirm.

    I am splitting my ballot next month as a protest anyway.

    Not that there is all that much competition as party affiliation in McHenry County means less than “who you know”. See uncontested candidates such as Tryon.

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