Joe Walsh Comments on First Negative TV Ad by Tammy Duckworth

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh Comments on Duckworth’s Negative Campaign Commercial

Democrat candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 8th district, Tammy Duckworth, recently began airing a campaign commercial attacking Congressman Joe Walsh.

Duckworth had previously pledged she would not run negative spots.

In response, Congressman Joe Walsh released to following statement:

“I’m very disappointed Ms. Duckworth has decided to go negative more than a month before the election.

“It just shows that her campaign is desperate and she will say and do anything to get elected.

In one of the first slides of Tammy Duckworth’s first negative ad, she claims she is bipartisan.

“This is a clear contrast to my own commercials that are only positive and talk about where I stand on the issues that matter to 8th district voters.

“Her accusation that I will raise taxes on the middle class is a complete lie.

“Not once have I voted for a bill that raises taxes for any individual, and I never will.

“My opponent, who as a Blago appointee, supported his tax increase, which was the largest in Illinois history.

“It is clear that Tammy is willing to look the voters in the eye and lie straight to their faces in order to get their vote. We deserve better than that.

One of the final screens of Tammy Duckworth’s first negative ad.

“Ms. Duckworth would prefer to use her campaign funds from California and New York to run commercials to mislead voters.

“I remain committed to discussing the issues and proposing solutions to get folks back to work and stop placing this debt on the heads of our children and grandchildren.”

View the 60 second version of Congressman Joe Walsh’s campaign spot “The Real Joe” here.


Joe Walsh Comments on First Negative TV Ad by Tammy Duckworth — 10 Comments

  1. Old “MOONFACE” Duckworth, does not represent me with her “Bipartisam voice.

    Maybe if her voice was used to call swine….but not politically !!!

  2. If Joe is capable of financially screw-ing his own child, imagine his capabilities with the general public.

    I know, I know, you always hurt the ones you love.

  3. The State Income Tax, which was raised by Quinn, is a straw man argument.

    That’s a state issue and this is a US Congress race.

    Congressmen have no control over any state issues.

    What I saw from her “attack” seemed accurate.

    She is a moderate, as are many Democrats.

    Remember when we had Congresswoman Bean?

    Walsh IS a voice of the tea party.

    That’s not an attack.

    He brags about his loyalty to the tea party. It’s a fact.

    By the way Walsh is going to lose.

    He barely beat Bean, and that was during the 2010 Tea Party wave. Conservative enthusiasm + Democratic apathy means Republicans win but do you realize Walsh NARROWLY defeated Bean?

    Now that he’s been in office, proved to be a partisan loyal, and a controversial firebrand people KNOW him.

    Now he’s going to face a Democrat who’s a Veteran in a district that got redistricted to give Democrats the edge in a time when people are pissed off at incumbents.

    Walsh has no chance and even the national Republican leadership acknowledges that.

  4. The National Republican Campaign Committee has bought cable TV time for Walsh.

  5. Ok well you may be correct about that point Cal but I still stick by everything I said earlier!

    Buying time doesn’t mean they think he’ll win.

    They probably buy time for Republicans in California.

    Some Republicans are getting behind Todd Akin too, despite all the controversy and the fact that it’s a real uphill battle for him.

    In fact, Joe Walsh is one of those Republicans.

    He stands by the legitimate rape comment and he stands by Mitt’s 47% comment.

    Bean underestimated Walsh, basically let her guard down, and narrowly lost.

    It’s not going to happen again.

    Duckworth is taking him seriously and I think that district is going to be less rural and more suburban after the redistricting, therefore hurting Walsh more than he’s already hurt himself.

    I really don’t see McHenry County as a bunch of ideologues. I don’t think a very conservative or very liberal person represents us well and that’s why many people are upset with Walsh. Like I said, we went from Bean, who was moderate to liberal, to Walsh who’s a right winger.

    Now I don’t have to worry about Duckworth or Walsh.

    Now it’s between another 1 term Republican (Randy Hultgren) and Dennis Anderson, who for some reason isn’t really doing anything meet and greet or townhall wise.

    Anderson must WANT to lose.

    McHenry County deserves someone who’s a fiscal conservative but not coo coo.

    Those characteristics are not mutually exclusive, you know.

  6. Akin is not doing as poorly as you would wish. Check out this We Ask America poll from last week.

    Poll type: Automated Date: Sept. 25-27, 2012 – Participants: 1,145Likely Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.9%
    PRESIDENT Barack Obama Mitt Romney Gary Johnson Undecided
    ALL VOTERS 44.5% 47.7% 2.0% 5.8%
    GOP ONLY 12.7% 82.6% 1.2% 3.5%
    DEM ONLY 86.1% 9.8% 0.3% 3.8%
    IND ONLY 35.3% 51.4% 4.1% 9.2%
    ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
    SENATE Claire McCaskill (D) Todd Aiken (R) Undecided
    ALL VOTERS 46.0% 45.2% 8.8%
    GOP ONLY 12.5% 78.8% 8.7%
    DEM ONLY 87.4% 8.0% 4.6%
    IND ONLY 39.0% 48.6% 12.4%

  7. I love how people still call him a dead beat dad when it was decided in court that he wasn’t… LOVE The way people judge…

  8. Walsh talks a big line about JOBS but did you all forget that ever sense Obama was elected the repubs objective was to see that he does’nt get a 2nd term.

    There were several jobs bills but none ever got any where . Why?

    BECAUSE they are gung ho on not letting him get a 2nd term of which they will be sorry on Nov. 6th.

    What a farce the repub. party is.

    Not for the middle class for sure!!

    Lies and more lies and then the Rom has to say “oh I did’nt mean what I said”. LOL!!! Mr. ETCHY SCETCH!!!

  9. Congratulations to the nation’s most infamous deadbeat dad, Rep. Joe Walsh. The Hill reports that Deadbeat Joe is officially no longer a deadbeat:

    Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) and his ex-wife have reached an agreement to end the court case over whether he owed her more than $100,000 in unpaid child support, Walsh’s campaign announced Thursday morning.

    The couple even released a joint statement to make it very, very clear that Deadbeat Joe is no longer a deadbeat, so we can all stop calling him that now:

    “We both regret this public misunderstanding and the effect it has had on our children. Like many families, we have had our share of issues and made our share of mistakes over the years. Having resolved these issues together and cleared up these mistakes in private, we now agree that Joe is not and was not a “deadbeat dad” and does not owe child support. We both have been loving and devoted parents to our children, ages 24, 21, and 17, and are happy to avoid a public legal fight hurtful to our entire family and look forward to caring for our children in private.”

    Got that? Deadbeat Joe is not a deadbeat. Stop saying that! The child support his ex-wife has been trying to get out of him for the better part of a decade is all taken care of now. Repeat: Deadbeat—sorry, ex-Deadbeat—Joe is not a deadbeat.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still an awful stain on humanity for a long list of reasons, including, but not limited to, dismissing his rival Tammy Duckworth’s military service (and the two legs she lost) in Iraq with an “Ehhh. Now let’s move on”; inviting said rival to debate him on a day when she has National Guard duty; and receiving an award from the Family Research Council for hating chicks and teh gays in just the right way.

    Also, he is a “high-risk” driver who lost his license for also being a deadbeat when it comes to paying his car insurance.

    But hey, at least he doesn’t have that “Deadbeat dad” thing hanging over him anymore. And in case you were wondering, no, the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

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