Sun-Times Says Poll Put Walsh Ahead of Duckworth

Joe Walsh is being attacked on style by a new heavy TV buy by National Democrats.

To the best of my knowledge, McHenry County has only had one resident Congressman–Joe Walsh.

Sure he moved to the county after he decided what district in which to run, but no other Federal representative has done that.

As some reading this publication may know, Walsh is in his second race with a Rahm Emmanuel-recruited woman.

Melissa Bean was his woman when she knocked off Phil Crane and Tammy Duckworth was his pick to beat Peter Roskam.

The Chicago politician’s goal was fulfilled with Bean, but not with Duckworth.

Now, with Duckworth challenging the man who edged out Bean in a district specifically created to allow Duckworth to recapture the seat, money is pouring in from Super PACs to flood the airwaves.

Nevertheless, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting today that Walsh has much too much of a chance at being re-elected than anyone would have thought right after re-apportionment.

Even Walsh, you will remember thought his chances best against fellow freshman Republican Randy Hultgren.

Here’s what the Sun-Times says,

“We Ask America poll had Walsh at a five-point lead. Roll Call reported that a poll taken in mid-August by the Tarrance Group showed Walsh and Duckworth in a statistical tie. Democrats have reported far wider margins, including releasing numbers Monday that Duckworth was 10 points ahead.”


Sun-Times Says Poll Put Walsh Ahead of Duckworth — 6 Comments

  1. From CapFax:

    * Meanwhile, the Sun-Times has reported this…

    We Ask America poll had Walsh at a five-point lead.

    Um, no. Not even close. The latest We Ask America poll, taken last week, had Duckworth ahead by six.

  2. What a quandry, Congressman Walsh.

    Return to Congress or enter the speaking circuit after the election just like Gov. Palin did.

    Just sayin’

  3. Walsh does what he says he does and that’s why he will be re-elected, he is in favor of term limits, limiting himself to 3 terms, this would be his 2d term, he is opposed to the outlandish medical and pension benefits Congress heaps upon itself, he declined participation in both the house medical plans and pension plan, he is opposed to the extension of the debt ceiling without meaningful cuts in government spending, is a strong advocate of 2d amendment issues, and on and on.

    Joe works the district like a mad man and knows the issues, he has my support.

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