Daily Herald Endorses David McSweeney over Dee Beaubien – Moved Up Because First Version Was Incomplete

David McSweeney

The David McSweeney campaign forwarded this endorsement from the Daily Herald:

McSweeney over Beaubien in 52nd House District

“McSweeney, a Barrington Hills investment banker and former Palatine Township trustee, offers experience in the business world and a strong plan to solve the state’s fiscal problems that focuses on small business.

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And the endorsement does not even mention Dee Beaubien’s name.

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Added after Dave’s comment concerning the whole endorsement, which McSweeney did not forward:

Take a look at the whole endorsement here.

It does mention Beaubien’s name. It points out that she decided to run as an Independent after the GOP’s favorite, Kent Gaffney, did not win the primary. It does not point out that Gaffney was also her personal choice.

“Since then, Beaubien has been criticized for accepting money from House Speaker Michael Madigan and thereby beholding herself to him and Democrats,” the editorial says.

“But the larger issue for us is her unwillingness to reveal which caucus she would align herself with in Springfield. Voters cannot know what they would get when she keeps her cards so close the vest.”

The editorial also comments negatively about McSweeney’s ballot challenges to all of this year’s opponents.


Daily Herald Endorses David McSweeney over Dee Beaubien – Moved Up Because First Version Was Incomplete — 9 Comments

  1. Cal, please read the editorial endorsement in its entirety, not.just the excerpt the McSweeney campaign sent you. It definitely mentions Dee Beaubien by name.

  2. LOL- it doesn’t mention Dee’s name? What endorsement did you read?

  3. I believe that the very first sentence mentions Dee Beaubien…

    The race for the 52nd House District took a new shape in April when Dee Beaubien of Barrington entered as an independent after Kent Gaffney…

  4. It sure mentions her name, and gives the lame excuse that they don’t endorse her because she won’t say whose caucus she will align with.

    Gee, $200K from Mullah Mike and counting, who do you think she will align with?

    The Hearld’s heart is with her, but they have no choice but to endorse McSweeney; it would be too blatant a sell-out if they did , especially after all their editorials over the last two years.

  5. She sold her soul and her independence, what a disgrace to her late husband.

  6. A lame endorsement to say the least, but looking at what the DH has been endorsing clearly critical thinking is not part of the process.

  7. The Herald endorsement documents their logic for supporting McSweeney and not Beaubien.

  8. Basically, the DH said this:

    We don’t like Madigan.

    We don’t really like McSweeney.

    We don’t like one of Beaubien’s supporters.

    And we won’t say anything about what policy positions that either candidate have taken.

    So we’ll endorse McSweeney.

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