Message of the Day – Mixed

I see “Vote Pro-Life” yard signs popping up around the Crystal Lake area.

Usually they do not have a candidate sign next to them, which, it seems to me, minimizes the message.

After all, most people don’t know who the Pro-Life candidates are.

And there are actually candidates who are avowedly Pro-Choice.

In the Crystal Lake area, that includes State Rep. candidate Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan), who has received significant campaign support from Personal PAC, the most radical pro-abortion outfit in the country.

Personal PAC posted endorsements for three County Board members prior to the March primary election:

  • Donna Kurtz
  • Jim Roden
  • Scott Summers

That brings us to our mixed message of the day:

Donna Kurtz and Pro-Life signs on McHenry Avenue in Crystal Lake.


Message of the Day – Mixed — 4 Comments

  1. Can’t believe how extreme Kurtz has become, green energy, pro, pro, pro abortion, in favor of higher taxes, on and on…how about term limits?

  2. The opposite of Pro Life is Pro Death. Cowards on the Death side had to make things sound more acceptable with the word “choice”.

    Okay, the majority of abortions are performed on people who have not been raped and are not in personal danger for health problems.

    Let me make that the VAST majority.

    So it’s not the 60s when women thought choosing death for the life inside of them was liberating.

    The technology today show we have life growing inside of us quite early.

    Apparently, some think they have the right to stop that life.

    And who speaks for the life that is ended?

    No one.

    The world would be a different place if Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and many others had been aborted.

  3. I think the goal of Personal PAC is to establish a ProChoice state at all levels of government, but in response to Peezy, yes, the County Board is responsible for something.

    County Boards do have a vote in the types, amount and even whether or not abortion services are even offered in public health facilities in a county.

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