The Port Edward GOP Fund Raiser

Just not having enough processing time for the articles I want to write.

Today, let’s play catchup with the Monday McHenry County Republican Central Committee fund raiser at Port Edward in Algonquin.

I didn’t wonder around too much, but I did get a couple of photos of Republican activists.

Arriving early was McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison and his wife Carolyn. They were sitting with Algonquin Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth and Tony Cundiff.

Jim Harrison and his wife Carolyn were sitting at the table next to mine with Algonquin Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth and retired Sheriff’s Department employee Tony Cundiff.

Then along came another Sheriff’s candidate, Bill Prim, with his campaign manager Matt McNamara.

Bill Prim and Matt McNamara were caught in my next shot greeting the Jim Harrison table.

And, since the third aspirant to succeed Sheriff, Andy Zinke, was in attendance, too, this, let me show you the shot I got of him and Prim against the back wall of Port Edward.

Standing along the back wall of Port Edward are Andy Zinke, Gary Lang, Matt McNamara and Bill Prim.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi made the rounds greeting people.

State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi greets Karla Dobbick. In the foreground is Demetrios Tsilimigras, head of the Misdemeanor Division of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

All sorts of County Board candidates were in attendance. I am sure I can’t list them all, if you know someone not mentioned, put it in a comment and I’ll add him or her.  I saw Nick Provenzano.

From left to right are Diane Evertsen, Ersel Schuster, East Dundee Village Trustee Alan Skillicorn and Carolyn Schofield. The empty seat was occupied by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, who was off getting food at Port Edward’s buffet.

McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon sits with Crystal Lake Precinct Committeeman Joe Stecker in this panoramic view of Port Edward and the Fox River. (If you see anyone else you recognize, share their names in the comment section.  Click to enlarge.)

The speaker for the evening was the Republican State Representative candidate for eastern Algonquin. [Algonquin was split into two districts by the Illinois Democrats. Mike Tryon will represent the western part.]

As usually, David McSweeney worked the tables well.  McHenry’s Phil Bartman is on the left

The Congressman who represents Algonquin Township, Peter Roskam, was not in attendance, but Randy Hultgren, the Republican Congressman who is running in the rest of McHenry County was.

Congressman Randy Hultgren and Regional Superintendent of Education Leslie Schermerhorn talk with State Rep. Mike Tryon.

One final long shot that I took before I left early. You may be able to pick out some of those in attendance.

The event started at 5 and was crowded, every table filled in the buffet room. This is what it looked like at 7 when I left.

The event ended at 8:30.

Let me add that there were plenty of Grafton Township candidates. Besides Supervisor Linda Moore, mentioned above in a cut line, there was Supervisor candidate Marty Waitzman. The only candidate not in attendance was Pam Fender. Road Commissioner candidate Tom Poznanski and Assessor candidate Al Zielinski helped the GOP raise money for the fall campaign.


The Port Edward GOP Fund Raiser — 20 Comments

  1. Nice picture and caption of Linda Moore’s empty chair.

    That’s the best picture you have ever published of Linda.

    You say she was off feeding herself? Imagine that!

  2. Luv Luv Linda, You sure do have a shallow, boring meaningless life.

    All you have going is what can I say about Linda Moore.

  3. There are some pathetic people in the anti Moore crowd.

    It’s amazing what some will do to you if someone manages to break into a political clique and stop an unneeded multi million buck building from being erected.

    They rewrite history, ignore a judge’s findings, and omit important info when launching their personal and political attacks.

    I wonder if the afterlife they’d be assigned to would be a sealed room with only themselves to listen to and meals of bitter food?

    Taxpayers / Residents should applaud for and stand by the rare person who will take on the establishment when it grows too big a head.

  4. Anton Cundiff sitting with the Harrison’s???

    Say it ain’t so, Jim.

    I was actually thinking of helping your campaign.

    If Anton is involved, its a wash.

    Jim, you do realize that he is more hated than Zinke, right?

    You have lost all help from the inside.

    Except for Sgt. P, a K9 guy and perhaps that fat gang task force clown who beat up Mitroff and the Pavlins.

  5. Aileen, you’re joking right?
    Linda did not “stop an unneeded multi million buck building from being erected.” She was one of a dozen people who filed suit together. What has Linda accomplished SINCE she was elected?

  6. And the anti Moore prattle continues.

    By the way, they (anti Moore yappers) aren’t thrilled with the people who helped to stop the building either.

  7. McHenry County Political Social events: Losers inviting other losers to raise money to get elected and screw the taxpayer.

    Raise the property taxes and then claim it’s “for the children”.

    Illinois is pathetic.

    As bad as the Republicans are, they have one virtue: they are not Democrats.

  8. “Empty chair” – good one! “Moore getting food at the buffet” – might as well get as much as she can while she can!



  10. Harrison and Cundiff? I like how it sounds.

    Harrison would bring law experience and get rid of all these ridiculous lawsuits.

    Cundiff has more police experience than the others, and from what I hear over at the Government Center, they need someone who knows what they are doing.

    Word on the street is that morale is in the tank, never been worse.

    The men and women need something and someone to rally behind. Looks like they found it.

  11. Well Mr. Blown Away, I’m glad to know that Tony Cundiff is more ‘hated” than Zinke. What play book are you reading from? Even after facing much adversity and being thrown under the bus by Nygren and his henchmen, Tony held his head high during the last weeks and months of his career, keeping afloat working in tenuous shark infested waters. I suspect you are one of the mud slinging sharks. If you can’t say the truth, then muddy the water. The problem with muddy water is that pretty soon the ‘sharks’ won’t be able to see the real enemy and will start attacking each other.

    “Help from the inside?” With help like yours, I think Harrison ( and Tony) is better off alone. The ‘insiders” know that Nygren and Zinke have a way of throwing people under the bus for political gain. If you can’t get people to agree or subscribe to their twisted political ambitions, then just beat them down, smear them. Let’s charge them with unfounded ambiguous obscure general orders. Transfer them or kick them to the real of the bus. General orders that are always ignored for the chosen few but selectively used against the unfaithful when it pleases their own schemes. Remembering of course that ‘command personnel’ do not have the protection of union representation. They can go to the “Merit Commission” and be heard by Zinke’s political committee (Goode) of just roll over and take the lumps. Maybe you should look at some recent employee transfers, promotions or re-assignments and then ask how the insiders fair. Alas the saying “the beatings will continue until the moral improves.”

    There are somewhere over 400 employees at the MCSO. They all have families. Families that truthfully know, that when Cundiff was at the helm there was none of the terrible morale issues prevalent today. The MCSO was not in the paper every day with some new civil rights violation. There WAS a working relationship between the Sheriff and the SAO. Deputies could have an actual face to face meeting and resolve issues and not get the “my way or the highway” treatment. In fact they could actually FIND the commander. (Novel thought) They knew he would be in the office.

    I’m believe that Cundiff stands shoulder to shoulder with Jim Harrison as do many other retired deputies because Harrison was always a advocate of what was right, not what was politically correct. As a special counsel to the SAO on labor issues he saved local taxpayers thousands of dollars. He is a ‘labor attorney”. What a marvelous thought. An ex-deputy now is an attorney. A man that knows about labor and employee issues being elected Sheriff. We can only pray. I seriously doubt the county would be looking at millions of dollars in potential jury/court awards if Harrison had been calling the shots. Maybe, just maybe; it is time for some common sense.

    BTW “Blown Away”, I have a new screen name for you. Try “Cheap Shot” it fits you perfectly.

  12. Blown Away, you must be one of the malcontents that Anton kept in line.

    Having worked alongside him for many years, I can tell you he is hardworking, cared deeply about all the men and women at the department and was committed to doing what was right, not politically correct.

    He is a man of his word and always had the best interest of the department in mind.

    He will not tolerate the games Zinke plays with employees and treats everyone the same, you just need to do your job.

    I think you will find many of the men and women at the department trust Anton and hope to see him back there. It really is time for a positive change

  13. Blown Away you do know we’re speaking of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois Right???

    I laughed out loud that you think Cundiff is more hated than Zinke and all help from the inside has been lost.

    You have no idea how much help will be coming from the inside.

    On the down low of course because no one wants the unemployment rate in Illinois to go any higher than it already is.

    I only had the pleasure to work for Captain Cundiff for a couple of years but in that short amount of time I can honestly say he was one of the most well liked and respected supervisors at the department.

    He preached for his people to do the right thing and morale was through the roof.

    Deputies held there heads up high and proudly wore the uniform.

    With all the recent negative publicity all the employees are affected and hurt when asked by friends and family members how certain things could have happened.

    There are so many of us that want things back to how they were when Captain Cundiff was around and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    That light is Harrison and God willing the tunnel will soon be lit.

  14. This is to easy. If Cundiff is backing Harrison then I’m backing Harrison.

    It’s about time my brother in law enjoys going to work again.

    Let me know when the signs are printed.

    I would love to put one in front of my business.

  15. I dreamed last night of a place where people are honest and do the right thing, not just say they do the right thing.

    Then I woke up and realized I am back to the two year, never ending nightmare that is reality.

    Harrison and Cundiff have my vote.

  16. I worked with Tony for nearly 30 years.

    Tony is an honest stand up man with unquestionable integrity.

    I’m proud to call Tony a friend.

    Attacking someone because they show friendship with a potential political candidate is shallow to say the least.

    Attacking someone while hiding behind a name like “Blown Away” indicates to me that you lack internal fortitude.

  17. WOW! Lots of baloney being served up here.

    Blown Away is RIGHT ON.

    Hopeful – you sound like the guy that wrote the Eric Woods report.

  18. Blown Away,

    If you truly knew Anton you would have responded in a different manner.

    Anton has always been on the side of his employees and was the only one who would truly listen.

    You could walk into his office and voice your concerns, no matter how little they were.

    Anton would take the time to listen because he wanted to make sure his employees were treated properly.

    He would have done a lot more for his employees if the “powers that be” didn’t move him out of his position.

    Anton will always be looked upon as an excellent Commander.

    He was a Commander who was fair and honest to everyone.

    He is a man with great morals, integrity, and devotion to both his home family and work family.

    He is deeply missed by many of his former employees.

    I could go on for hours about all of Anton’s great qualities.

    The fact is, if you are so comfortable with the current conditions at the MCSO you must be living in a box.

    hings have never been so bad!

    I find it interesting how you feel you can speak for “all” when you stated Jim has “lost all help from the inside.”

    ease speak for yourself in the future.

    Jim most certainly has my full support.

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