We Ask America Poll Puts Walsh Slightly Ahead of Duckworth

A press release from Champion News:

Flash Poll: Joe Walsh Takes the Lead Against Tammy Duckworth

CARPENTERSVILLE, IL – With less than four weeks until Election Day, Joe Walsh is in the lead over Tammy Duckworth in the race for Congress in Illinois’ 8th District by 1.5% according to a flash poll taken Tuesday, October 9th. The poll was commissioned by ChampionNews.net.

The poll showed Walsh with 47.4% of the vote to Duckworth’s 45.9%, with only 6.7% undecided. This while Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in the 8th District by 4.6%: 49% to 44.4%. Walsh’s lead stems mainly from his huge advantage amongst independents, where he leads Duckworth by 10% (51% – 41%). Walsh has a 12% lead among male voters and trails by only 3% among female voters.

“Joe Walsh’s steady climb in the polls can be directly attributed to his visibility in the district, being a tireless campaigner and the most accessible member of Congress, and the fact that he is providing specifics on how to get our Country back on track while his opponent is relying on tired talking points and generalities,” explained Jack Roeser, Founder & Publisher of ChampionNews.net.

“Duckworth held a large lead when the race began, considering this district was specifically drawn for her by Mike Madigan.

“But Walsh has continued to climb in the polls, officially taking the lead this week for the first time since the race began.

“The trend is certainly in his favor.”

The automated poll was conducted by We Ask America on Tuesday, October 9th. 1,171 responses were collected, resulting in a margin of error of 2.9%. The full poll summary report can be viewed here or look below:

Joe Walsh-Tammy Duckworth poll taken on October 9, 2012, apparently before the debate.


We Ask America Poll Puts Walsh Slightly Ahead of Duckworth — 9 Comments

  1. Come on, certainly if Joe wins, Romney will carry the district too.

    Joe needs to post “Romney/Walsh” signs throughout the district.

  2. That is funny because every other poll shows Tammy up by at least 7%.

  3. I believe Cal previously reported that the same organizations poll correctly called Walsh over Bean.

  4. I love the “they were right once” rationale. It’s pretty awesome.

  5. The only polling done on the race.

    I suppose you also have issues with Rasmussen’s polling.

    He was the only one rate in 2008 in the Obama-McCain race.

    Next time Dave, I’ll use smaller words.

  6. **Next time Dave, I’ll use smaller words.**

    Cool Paul… Always fun when people resort to personal attacks about one’s intelligence. Keep it up. It says a lot.

    **The only polling done on the race.**

    Maybe you could also write in complete sentences so we know what you are talking about.

    As for Rasmussen, most people who have analyzed polling organizations know well that Rasmussen generally has a Republican bias in its polls. That doesn’t mean that they are not occasionally correct, but you have to take individual polls with a grain of salt.

    Looking at any one poll as an indicator of the current status of a race is silly. And using an invidiudual poll’s accuracy in an individual race as indicative of a polling firm’s accuracy is also silly.

  7. Illinois, you put me in a depressed state. I lived there way longer than I should have, what a corrupt, dirty, crime ridden hell hole.

    These comments, (especially from Dem machine) whole heartily reinforce my decision to move from a depressed, gray, crime infested shit hole to the beautiful, sunny, green, warm state of Florida.

    BTW there are appx 20 Romney/Ryan signs to about 2 Obrain dead signs thru-out this gorgeous state i now call home. (I LOVE IT)

    The lefties are a dying breed, we on the right got your number along with independents and all those who love this country and are not holding on to a party thats been hijacked the same way Islam has been hijacked by radicals and losers that are so deaf, dumb and blind, they don,t mind being spoken to by a lazy, habitual liar.

    Anyway, you are in a party that has so radically changed, and your too stupid or blind or something, you don,t even notice.

    You are not worth the energy it takes to type anymore.

    Your daddy.s democratic party is DEAD ! WAKE UP IDIOTS !

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