About 150 Republicans Watch Debate at CL Headquarters

Just down from Joseph’s Market, Republican Headquarters were filling up before the debate between Jack Ryan and Joe Biden began.

I left early, but there were about 150 people at the Vice Presidential Debate at the Crystal Lake Plaza McHenry County Republican Party Headquarters.

Bob Meale wore his his feelings on his shirt at the night of the Ryan-Biden Vice Presidential Debate.

There were enthusiasts in attendance as you can see above.

There was a food line at the back of the storefront that had a hard time keeping up with the hungry Republicans.

There was free food, although donations were invited.

A view of the audience at McHenry County Republican Headquarters as the Vice Presidential Debate was beginning.

People were still gathering to watch the Vice Presidential Debate.

People were still coming in when I left.


About 150 Republicans Watch Debate at CL Headquarters — 6 Comments

  1. CLM – Lotsa families living apart with spouse / children having to leave the state for JOBS in other States.

  2. Families would be better able to stick together if government entities would reduce the TAX burdens.

    Other State’s residents were able to participate in a tax reduction with the 2 % Federal Withholding reduction.

    NOT Illinois residents!

    We were tagged with an equivalent income tax INCREASE!

    Now we have Illinois politicians who want to tax retirement income!

    FYI At least some Townships froze / reduced elected official income for 2013 – 2017.

    Maybe CLM can use the time spent in writing ‘snide’ remarks to go to a School Board / Park District / County / City meeting to demand they freeze / reduce their elected official salary!

  3. Who was disrespecting the U.S. Flag by wearing that shirt that resembled the Flag?

    Please read the Flag Code.

  4. Knowledge Voter, federal tax rates are at a historic low- lowest in my working lifetime.

    Yes, you have an increased state tax (offset as you point out by a FICA reduction) but this was indeed a federal election debate.

    Federal taxes are already low- how low do they need to go to make you happy?

  5. Respecting our U.S. FLAG:

    As far as fabric used for clothing that is LIKE or RESEMBLING the US flag, it’s my understanding, this is not disrespectful.

    If the ACTUAL U.S. flag is used to make wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery, this is disrespectful.

    See link below for further explanation.


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