Court Orders Mediation between Grafton Township Supervisor and Road Commissioner

Somehow I posted the wrong court order from Judge Thomas Meyer in the litigation between Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund and Supervisor Linda Moore.

I have take that one down and put up the one I thought I was writing about.

An email from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore about mediation being order between her and Road Commissioner Jack Freund:

“Please find attached to this email, the court order, granting my petition which requests that the Highway Commissioner Jack Freund and I enter mediation to resolve the suit filed by the Highway Commissioner.

“My earlier attempts to enter mediation with an attorney offering to mediate at no charge and without a court order were not accepted by Mr. Freund and his attorneys.”

“The court order reads:

“This cause coming on Defendants Motion to Refer to Mediation, the court being duly advised, IT IS ORDERED:

  1. The Motion is Granted. The parties are ordered to attend mediation, with mediator C. Ellis, if possible.
  2. Defendant granted to 10/25/12 for responsive pleading.
  3. Case set for 12/14/12 at 9:00 am for further status.

“Prepared by Hoppa”

Attached was a court order signed by Associate Judge Thomas Meyer:

The court order signed by Judge Thomas Meyer ordering mediation.

One could note that the mediator names, Case Ellis, is not the one who volunteered to do it for free, Rob Hanlon.


Court Orders Mediation between Grafton Township Supervisor and Road Commissioner — 9 Comments

  1. I wish who ever actually wrote the court order would have written it so someone could actually read it!

  2. You mean you can’t read that?

    Just do what I learned to do in order to read my grandmother’s writing – you just read quickly over the top of it.

    It follows standard lawyer-ese.

    It’s a good thing that a doctor didn’t write it.

    Do what they do.

    If you don’t know what it says, just guess.

    Any mediator or attorney who wades into that rat’s nest deserves to get paid.

    It’s too bad that Linda had to get the Court’s muscle to get mediation.

  3. It’s a SHAME that the court had to ORDER the mediation instead of it being voluntary.

  4. Will Linda be open to mediation for all of her other lawsuits . . . those involving her family (many)? The preelection rebranding continues.

  5. You know the old saying, when you can’t win on the issues, go for the personal attack.

  6. Bo that was a low blow bringing up all of the lawsuits among family that Linda is involved with.

    Linda’s personal history and Linda’s professional history should be kept separate regardless of any common denominators.

    It doesn’t matter if Linda can’t get along and work with her own family members.

    That does not show a pattern.

    Stick to issues like this: $30K to $40K unaccounted for by Linda.

    Would it be considered misappropriation of funds on Linda’s part for using the General Assistance account to pay for other bills?

  7. Where is the “like” button?

    I “like” how 22 ignores Linda’s issues!

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