Bob Bless Attorney Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Democratic Party County Board Opponent

You can read the contents below:


[email protected]

Nick Chirikos
10075 N. River Rd.
Algonquin IL 60102

Notice to cease and desist

Dear Mr. Nick Chirikos:

Please be advised that I have been retained, by Robert Bless, in the above captioned matter.

My client has been informed that you have made several untrue statements and disseminated literature that contained untrue statements.

At this time we are demanding the immediate cooperation by ceasing and desisting of any further conduct. Further more, you have disclosed private and privileged information, which is not publicly known and could jeopardize the identity of my client’s family in violation of the privacy act.

I have been advised by my client that should your conduct continue by you or any agent of yours after the receipt of this notice, I shall file suite for slander and libel and any other actions or remedies available to my client.

Again thank you for your time and the amicable resolution of this matter.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Ronald M. Justin
Attorney at Law

= = = = =
Chirikos told me at the County Executive debate that he would consult with his attorney before offering any comment.


Bob Bless Attorney Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Democratic Party County Board Opponent — 9 Comments

  1. This attorney should learn to write or, maybe, proofread his letter. If the statements are indeed false, I would expect my attorney to file suit (not suite) immediately and we would play nice later.

  2. We definitely need some more info on this one.

    And pretty sure that politicians have very wide exemptions on this type of thing, which is why we see candidates on all sides lie all the time.

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… take that, Nick! Bam. Bam. Slap. A duel. That’s it. Swords at 20 paces!

    Why do I suspect that NOTHING Nick has said is untrue? I’ve met Nick. He comes across as an honest businessman and a man truly interested in bettering McHenry County.

    Nick will not resort to slander or libel to win an election. He won’t do it – for any reason.

    So maybe Attorney Justin would like to outline exactly what he believes Nick has said about his Bob Bless.

    Come on.

    Put it out there.

    That cease-and-letter letter is just blowing in wind.

  4. An attorney threatening on the basis of hearsay??? I wonder about that.

  5. Sure I heard of the 1st Amendment, does it allow you to tell falsehoods about a person or yell “fire” in a crowded theatre? Don’t be ignorant.

  6. I ran into Nick Chirikos tonight at MCC, and he hasn’t even seen the letter from Attorney Justin yet! He didn’t know about it before I texted him after I posted my comment earlier.

    What kind of bad manners was it by (let’s see; who would have known about that letter?) to provide a copy to McHenry County Blog before they knew it had been delivered to Nick?

    Did Bob Bless provide the letter to Cal? Did Attorney Justin provide it?

  7. Nick has a lot to learn; Gus has a lot to learn. whaddya expect? this is McHenry County politics.

  8. If Mr. Chirikos was saying something that was not true, the letter would need to specify the falsehood, not just attempt to override Mr. Chirikos’ 1st amendment rights.

    What exactly should he cease and desist?


    Telling the truth?

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