Joe Rosner, Write-In Candidate Against Jack Franks, Posts Billboard

The billboard you see below popped up on Route 20 southeast of Union Road.

Ir promotes the write-in candidacy of Joe Rosner, who is running against Democrat Jack Franks.

This billboard appeared on Route 20 southeast of Marengo recently.


Joe Rosner, Write-In Candidate Against Jack Franks, Posts Billboard — 16 Comments

  1. What the NW Herald thinks, doesn’t mean “Jack!” They are idiots!

  2. Think for yourself. Who cares about endorsements? If you are of a mind to “Throw the bums out”; then practice writing in those folks that are trying to change some things.

  3. @peezy – Doesn’t the NW Herald only endorse in contested races?

  4. The Herald — or any other paper for that matter — does not issue endorsements in uncontested races.

    And no, kooky, last minute write-in candidates don’t count.

    Even if they’re are martial arts enthusiasts.

  5. Peeing into the wind!

    If you want to be a candidate why not do it correctly?

    Pass petitions and enter the primary, if nobody else runs YOU are the cndidate; and have a realistic chance to win.

  6. As I recall, doing it correctly wasn’t good enough for the McHenry County Republican hierarchy.

    Didn’t Tonya try this, only to get shot down?

  7. That is not correct. Tonya’s attempt was more feeble that this one.

  8. I already wrote in “Joe Rosner”—it was easy, why not send a message, Jack voted for Madigan.

    His County Executive referendum is all about him. J

    ack’s claim that it will have an effect on our property taxes is nonsense deliberately misleading the voters.

  9. If you believe that there was little effort in Tonya’s effort was feeble, you were far removed from the process.

  10. Cal nails it on Tonya’s attempt.

    Anyone who can read, does not have their head in a dark place and checks this blog daily, knows the effort made to get a candidate to oppose Jack Franks.

    Now the entire County pays the price for not having Tonya running against Jack.

    I do hope people pass the word far and wide in support of Joe Rosner.

    When you write his name in, make sure you check the spelling, it must match how his name is posted on the wall of the precinct.

    When you go to vote in the precinct (early or on election day), loudly request to be pointed to the list of write in candidates.

    Judges cannot point out there is a write-in but if you ask for the location of the list, others who hear you may look also.

  11. Will the vote be challenged if we put in the box

    Isn’t it Joseph, not Joe?

    Too bad write-ins aren’t more liberally allowed.

    As a matter of fact why don’t we have them all be write-ins … that would make it WAY more interesting.

    But I guess our legislators would never do that.

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