Second Misleading Social Security-Medicare Post Card Sent on Dee Beaubien’s Behalf Last Week from Mike Madigan

When I posted the “David McSweeney will take away Social Security and Medicar”e post card from the Illinois Democratic Party on Dee Beaubien’s behalf, I didn’t know that two had hit the mailboxes last week.

I can’t be sure of the order, just that they both came the third week of October.

Including the two this week, I could a total of four negative Social Security mailings.

Here’s the other one. This makes four on the subject matter irrelevant to a state legislative race.

Talk about money to burn.

Same ol’, same ol’ on the back of the Mike Madigan Social Security hit piece aimed at David McSweeney. This is the address side.

Guide for people considering moving out of Illinois.

The back has a guy older than I with a cardboard sign saying, “Please Help.”

Maybe he’s asking people to help him move out of Illinois.

That, incidentally, was the conversation I had with a man after church today.

He had a book entitled something like “The 50 Best Small South Towns.”

He has found a couple of towns where four-bedroom homes run under $100,000.

And, where property taxes are $300-400 a year.

“Please Help,” says the old man’s sign, sent by Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan on behalf of Dee Beaubien’s campaign to defeat Republican Dave McSweeney.


Second Misleading Social Security-Medicare Post Card Sent on Dee Beaubien’s Behalf Last Week from Mike Madigan — 6 Comments

  1. Cal- still waiting for you to actually call out McSweeney for his blatant lies.

    You call out Dee for “misleading” even though she isn’t lying, yet you say nothing about McSweeneys lies.

  2. Dave: Please articulate what what the Illinois legislature can regulate Social Security and what Dee will do to fix it.

  3. John – I am not sure how that is a relevant question, nor does it relate to my comment.

    I agree that SS and Medicare are not State issues. I also agree that McSweeney and his allies want to see those programs dismantled. I also would strongly argue that one’s position on what to do with SS and Medicare tells us a lot about a candidate.

    BTW – McSweeney DID campaign on slashing both SS and Medicare when he ran for Congress.

  4. So your point is that Dee’s mailing is only technically misleading, not actually misleading?

  5. No- my point is that Dee’s mailing is correct.

    McSweeney and his allies DO want to destroy social security and Medicare.

    And Dee doesn’t.

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