FRG Village Employees Apparently Picking Up Political Signs from Rights-of-Way

A lot of homeowners are probably going to think that people were stealing the political signs in front of their yards.

But, it was apparently village employees picking them up.

The dumpster at Fox River Grove’s Lions Park.

A friend of mine looked into the dumpster at Lions Park this morning and told me there was a stack of signs inside.

Signs in the Lions Park Dumpster in Fox River Grove. I can see ones for Anna Miller, Dave McSweeney, Mitt Romney and

Since the dumpster is next to a Village garage it seems possible, even likely, that village employees are responsible for the sign removals from public property.

Maybe those same employees will be assigned to cut the grass on the public right-of-way in front of people’s homes for homeowners who take the position, “If I can’t put a political sign up in front of my house, you can mow the grass where I put it.”


FRG Village Employees Apparently Picking Up Political Signs from Rights-of-Way — 7 Comments

  1. Just an FYI – the Village is ONLY removing signs that are placed on Village property.

    You are allowed to place signs on your own property.

    The signs are being removed because the Village owns the property and they are not able to take sides.

    They are being stored for a period of 6 months if the campaigns or residents would like to collect them.

    Village employees are not throwing them out. Let’s do some fact checking before posting, please.

  2. If public employees are cutting down political signs on public property, I wish they would also do something about those dreadful Pagni’s Sealcoating signs that have been tacked (I believe they’re technically called “snipe signs”) onto nearly every telephone pole in the county.

  3. Where are they being stored for six months?

    I don’t think the dumpster will remain unempted for six months.

  4. The Village president is a Democrat….

    Explains the removal of signs

  5. These all seem to be Rep. signs. If you drive around you will find Dem signs are not removed.

  6. Regular Sherlock Holmes here. Hah.

    Oh wait, GOP candidates outnumber Democratic candidates about 5 to 1 in the county.

    But no, you’re right, must be a liberal conspiracy.

    If not, Cal wouldn’t post it.

  7. Like I said, Dem signs on village property are still there!!

    Perhaps once they read this, that can change. OOPs

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