Joe Rosner Releases Image of Jack Franks Sucking Up to Mike Madigan

A press release from write-in candidate Joe Rosner, who is running against Democrat Jack Franks:

Joe Rosner Releases Shock Video and Poster

Joe Rosner, Write-In Candidate for the 63rd District State Representative, has released a video titled “Tax and Squander” that can be found on the links page at or by clicking here.    A printable poster version has also been attached to this email [which you can see to the right.]

Rosner stated,”Using this shocking imagery was not an easy decision.

“Still this illustrates a political reality that voters will understand.

“My opponent Jack Franks represents himself as ‘independent’ and not part of Michael Madigan’s Chicago political machine.

“Voters must recognize Speaker Madigan does not funnel money to politicians who are not helpful to him.

“Jack Franks has had 12 years in Springfield.

“Speaker Madigan has been in charge for 30 years.

“Illinois’ financial and ethical crisis exploded on their watch.”

Rosner is running an asymmetrical, insurgent campaign intended to provide voters an opportunity to express their frustration and outrage over Illinois “Politics as usual.”

Initially he was expected to receive a few dozen votes.

But a recent surge of support makes  it possible he will now receive thousands of votes.

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The text on the satirical Time Magazine cover says,


“Political Mothers Milk from Madigan.

Madigan holds fund raiser: Lobbyists, Lawyer, Unions and Special Interests Fatten Jack Franks’ Campaign Fund.”

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See Jack Franks’ photo shopped head on his Mike Madigan fund raising invitation here.


Joe Rosner Releases Image of Jack Franks Sucking Up to Mike Madigan — 14 Comments

  1. I’m not sure what’s more pathetic: crazy Joe putting this out OR Cal for continuing to enable him.

  2. That is just disturbing.

    And a potentially illegal use of TIME magazine….

  3. I think it’s hilarious! So many uptight people….Thanks for the laugh Joe and Cal.

    Gee Tonya, I didn’t see you make any such comments when Cal ran his story of Nygren’s boy Deputy Pedophile Pyle…

    I guess if a Republican does something it’s okay?

  4. Hope Joe is ready for “the call” or “the email” from Time.

    The communication from Time could create a financial burden for Joe.

    Smart move on Cal’s part to only link to the pic.

  5. Ah Joe, if you get sued you deserve it. Low rent crap like this make it harder for those of us that are calling out candidates for lies in their mailers.

  6. Gee I miss commenting on many stories, mostly because I teach so many classes….I try not to comment on the local scandals because I learn more from hearing what you all have to say about each other than from offering my opinion.

    I see the humor in what Joe did, but I feel it lowers the standard, which sadly is already quite low…The Chicago Way.

  7. It won’t be counted.

    Only votes for those who have registered as write-in candidates will be tallied.

  8. Cal our vote for State Rep doesn’t count either way.

    The Republicans of McHenry County forfeited our vote.

    Remember at the Special Committee meeting that was legally called.

    I remember them claiming they were vetting candidates.

    Not one of them met the standard….closet Democrat.

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