Son of FRG Castle Owner Gets “Emergency Stalking No Contact Order” against Neighbor

Fox River Grove’s Bettendorf Castle from a corner of the lot.

“You would think that after the legal victories in state and federal court the childish behavior in the Kingdom of Concord Avenue would be relegated to the actual children who live and play in the neighborhood,” attorney Robert Hanlon said after obtaining an Order of Protection for Billy Strohl, son of the owner of the Fox River Grove Castle. He lives just east of the castle.

The Emergency Order was issued against Sam Miyuskovich, 405 Concord Drive, on Monday by Associate Judge James Cowlin.

The information about an 11 AM, Saturday, October 20th, incident and previous incidents presented on the court documents reads as follows:

“I was blowing leaves away from the front of the Bettendorf Castle, which is owned by my parents, toward my parkway.

“The respondent pulled up in a white Ford Expedition.

“He drove his vehicle in a fashion that he almost hit me as his car was within one foot of me.

“Then Sam stopped his SUV and exited it.

“As he approached he was screaming at me.

“I told him if he had hit me it would have been his fault.

“He said, ‘I don’t give a f–k.’

“Then he called me ‘a fat f–k.’

“In response to his behavior I told him to take a look at himself.

“Sam started to go back to his truck still swearing and calling me names.

“Then Sam came back towards me again and said, ‘You want to start shit with me and my family, I dare you. Go right ahead.’

“I replied, ‘I’m not and haven’t done anything to your family.’

“Sam made some comment that he had no problem with me or my family.

“I responded that it was a lie because he had flipped off my mom at Dunkin Donuts.

“‘That was two years ago fat f–k’

“He went back to the truck and again approached me.

“This time he his chest and belly into me touching my chest and belly.

“I then demanded that he not touch me.

“At the time he was doing this he was threatening me.

“Over the last two years on six or seven occasions he has intentionally swerved his truck towards me so I would experience fear that he would hit with his truck/SUV.”

Remedies sought (printed on the form) and granted were

  • prohibiting the respondent from threatening to permit or stalking personally or through a third party
  • not contacting the petitioner in any way
  • staying 50 feet away from 416 Concord Avenue in Fox River Grove.

The Court Order says, “Respondent may have access to 405 Concord Avenue, but shall not harass or confront petitioner.”

A hearing is set for November 5th in Woodstock.

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