Andy Zinke Said to Have Spilled Beans to Local DEA Suspect, a Big Contributor to Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren

Andy Zinke eats with Sheriff Keith Nygren at the 2011 Nunda Township GOP Picnic shortly after Nygren endorsed Zinke to replace him.

Earlier this afternoon, I spent a lot of time putting up the court documents from McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Koziol so you can read most of the details, if you wish.

Now that I have time to read it carefully, let me try to summarize what’s going on.

Koziol was assigned with a drug task force being coordinated with the Drug Enforcement Administration working out of Rockford.

The Special DEA Agent, unidentified in the court papers, asked for information about the Rita Corporation, located at the southeast corner of Route 31 and Three Oaks Road.

On July 9 of this year that agent contacted Koziol to tell him “a truck had been intercepted by DEA agents in Corpus Christi, Texas, and that the truck had been carrying 4,000 pounds of cannabis destined for Rita Corporation in Crystal Lake, Illinois.”

He wanted information on the company.

Koziol summarized his rely:

“…told Special Agent Doe that Rita Corporation was

  • owned by Brian Goode, a McHenry County Sheriffs Merit Commissioner,

and that Rita Corporation was a major financial and political supporter of

  • Sheriff Keith Nygren and of
  • McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

“Affiant also told Special Agent Doe that the address for the Rita Corporation in Crystal Lake was the same address being used by Undersheriff Zinke’s political campaign committee for Zinke’s political campaign for the Office of Sheriff of McHenry County.”

When asked if he should share the information with Zinke, the DEA agent at first told him not to, then the next day when told General Orders required him to tell his superiors, “Special Agent Doe replied ‘yeah, go ahead and tell Andy [Undersheriff Zinke], it’s not going to matter.'”

Koziol then briefed his immediate boss, Detective Lt. James Popovits, and asked him to go with him to the Zinke briefing.  this was on July 11th.

After being briefed on the details of the investigation, Zinke stated “there is no way Brian [Goode] is involved.” Zinke also stated that a similar situation had happened ten years earlier at another of Rita Corporation’s locations in Forne, Texas. Zinke then stated that “Brian [Goode] would be happy to supply trucking routes and help with the next delivery going through.”

An appointment set for DEA Agent to brief Zinke on Friday, July 13th.

At that time, Undersheriff Zinke stated, “I’m having lunch with Brian [Goode] on Friday.” Zinke then stated ”I’m not going to say anything to him though,” which Kosiol understood “as an acknowledgement from Zinke that the information was to be kept confidential.  Affiant also confirmed to Zinke that the information was to be kept confidential,” the affidavit reads.

The next day, Thursday, July 12th the Sheriff’s Sergeant and the DEA agent met face·to·face and talked about he investigation of Rita Corporation.

The next paragraph is worth quoting in its entirety:

“Special Agent Doe informed Affiant that the investigation was bigger than had previously been thought, and that DEA in Texas had been working separate cases and didn’t connect them immediately. Special Agent Doe also informed Affiant that there were separate trucks going to Rita Corporation and to two other area locations, and that it was estimated that 60,000 pounds of cannabis had been shipped into the area over a ten month period.”

Friday morning Koziol went outside to try to get better a better cell phone connection with the DEA Agent to make sure his briefing of Zinke would occur at 11 before Zinke had lunch with Goode.

There he saw Zinke meeting with Goode.

The two approached Koziol.

After introducing Goode, Zinke said,

“I told Brian everything.”

In Koziol’s affidavit he states he “was stunned by Zinke’s admission that Zinke had disclosed confidential information concerning a DEA investigation to Brian Goode, the owner of Rita Corporation, the suspect corporation in a federal drug investigation. Affiant believed that the investigation had been compromised.”

Zinke then stated “yeah, this sounds like the same thing that happened ten years ago down in Forne, Texas.”

After getting through to the DEA agent and telling him what Zinke had done, the agent exclaimed,

“Are you f–king kidding me,”

and cancelled the meeting.

At the DEA agent’s instruction Koziol texted Zinke to remind him “that all information pertaining to the DEA’s investigation of the Rita Corporation was to be kept confidential,” the sworn statement says.

= = = = =

The petition for a Special Prosecutor describes the powers of Undersheriff Zinke:

“The citizens of McHenry County have a compelling interest in insuring the integrity of the McHenry County Sheriffs Office. The Undersheriff of McHenry County is the second highest-ranking law enforcement official in the Sheriffs Office, and possesses extensive resources and broad powers of investigation and arrest.  The Undersheriff has the ability to initiate investigations into private citizens, to file criminal charges against private citizens, and to receive confidential information concerning the police operations in McHenry County. If misused, the Undersheriff’s extensive powers can significantly infringe upon the constitutional rights of the citizenry and can result in great hardship and constitutional deprivations.”


Andy Zinke Said to Have Spilled Beans to Local DEA Suspect, a Big Contributor to Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren — 12 Comments

  1. Seems to me that Seipler was trying to get someone to investigate Nygren for Official Misconduct.

    A campaign investigation would have led to Rita Corp, I would think.

    Bianchi didn’t do his job and 60,000 lbs of dope are on the streets.

    There is one clear choice for Sheriff in this county, he’s put his neck out time and again, he’s saved cops lives time and again, he’s looked Nygren in the face and told him he’s crooked.


    The pressure needs to be put on Seipler to throw his hat in for another run.

    Come on Zane, we need you at the helm.

  2. Don’t know what is true and what isn’t, but using a friend and commission members business address as a political committee address is about as DUMB a maneuver as I can think of; even for McHenry County!

  3. The usual suspects who decide an allegation must be factual because of personal politics.

    Anyone with common sense would suspect that if someone compromised a DEA investigation that the DEA would be bring issues on a federal level.

    Going to have to wait and see on this one.

    Private requests for special prosecutors have not been worth the paper they are written on in this county as of late.

    They are typically individuals with a personal or professional grudge.

    Or are the usual conspiracy guys going to allege the the DEA is conspiring to cover up one of their own investigation being compromised?

  4. Huh, “Butseriously” didn’t you write something to this affect when Deputy Pyle was arrested way back in January of 2012……

    BUT, then who came popping out of the woodwork??


    If I were Andy, Id be calling the “Porn Queen” for one last lap dance!

    Has anybody heard the term, “Sealed Indictments?”


  6. Nope David I said no such thing about Pyle…I save my ire for these special prosecutor requests not actual charges by actual law enforcement agencies.

    This one is serious and I think the DEA will sort it out.

    They should have been left to sort it out as opposed to this.

    In filing this instead of relying on the DEA to manage their case, I believe this Sgt may have very well endangered undercover DEA agents and what looks to be a cooperating witness over a personal grudge.

    He certainly looks to have broken the confidentiality he claims to accuse others of.

    It is going to be interesting to see why he felt the DEA was not going to be able to handle the situation.

  7. Zinke is a disgrace to the Sheriff’s Department.

    With all of his “so called experience” that he makes mention of, he should of KNOWN better.

    It’s obvious he was looking out for himself and NOT the citizens of McHenry County. T

    he fact that he profited $5,000.00 is upsetting to me as a tax payer in this county.

    I applaud Koziol for taking a stand and doing the right thing.

    We need more people like him in the Sheriff’s Department.

    I am hereby asking that the Board Members ask for Zinke’s resignation.

    We need to get rid of corruption and get honest people in these positions.

  8. This one is starting to stink to high heaven…more connections coming out connecting Koziol to Zinke election opponent Harrison.

    Let’s remember Zinke allegedly brought in a witness with evidence at his discretion as Koziols senior officer…Koziol appears to have publicly outed the confidential investigation through a divorce attorney who just so happens to have handled the divorce of another attorney who is running against Zinke.

    The DEA may very well bring federal charges on this one but don’t jump too quickly on who they may charge.

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