Fox River Grove Sweet on Amanda Howland?

Yesterday when I drove to Lions Park on the Fox River in Fox River Grove I saw campaign signs for Democrat Amanda Howland on the public right-of-way.

A call I had placed to the Public Works Director was returned this morning.

He told me that village ordinance prohibited posting of signs on the right-of-way, that police and public works employees had been picking them up (not on overtime, by the way).

I told him of the Amanda Howland signs that had been missed on the street from Downtown to Lions Park.

Amanda Howland yard signs that were still standing in the Fox River Grove right-of-way n Beachway Drive this morning. The Democrat is running against incumbent Republican Dan Duffy.

When I checked a couple of hours after the call, I was surprised to see the Howland signs had not been removed from Beachway Drive.

Maybe they will disappear after this article is posted.

Then, going back to Crystal Lake, I saw a sign under a stop sign on Opatrny.

I circled around and saw it was advertising a Veterans event at Lake Julian.

On the way down Opartny, however, I saw another Amanda Howland sign and a sign urging people to “Vote Yes” on Jack Franks’ referendum to concentrate power in McHenry County government.

Maybe when Fox River Grove village employees drive by one will see if the Howland and “Vote Yes” signs are indeed in the right-of-way.


Fox River Grove Sweet on Amanda Howland? — 3 Comments

  1. The FRG village workers were removing Republican signs about 10am this morning across from Algonquin School.

    Saw this in my rear view mirror as I passed the school.

  2. Wow, that was so nice of you to call public works to get those democrat signs removed.

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