Two Ken Koehler Pieces Arrive Today

It’s a beautiful Saturday with people out raking leaves, taking leisurely walks and talking to neighbors.

And, I’ve been knocking on doors trying to convince people to vote against Jack Franks’ referendum to create a County Executive form of government.

The argument with which I am having the most success is pointing out that a County Executive would be able to spend up to $25,000 without prior County Board approval.

Hey, we live in Illinois. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to envision abuses under such rules.

I even chafe when the McHenry County College Board spends up to $25,000 without going out for bid (allowed by a state law I did not vote for). I cringe to think of the potential abuses with no bids and no board approval.

In any event, when I went to the mailbox, I found two mailings from McHenry County Board Chairman and candidate for re-election in my District 2.

The first was addressed just me.

It was for senior citizens.

When did that happen?

In any event, the address side has a headline about “Fighting for Senior Healthcare in McHenry County!”

Ken Koehler’s senior piece came First Class. And it had a “Forever” stamp.

What’s that all about, I’m thinking as I look at it.

The back of senior healthcare post card from Ken Koehler says, “Medicare is being raided to the tun of $716 Billion and it is just wrong!”

There is a big headline on the back of the piece and a letter is teeny tiny print to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner opposing cuts in the Federal Medicare program.

I think it’s a stretch to use the issue in a county campaign, just as it is a stretch for Mike Madigan to use the issue four times (that I’ve published) on behalf of Independent Dee Beaubien.

There is also a sticker indicating that Koehler was endorsed by both the Northwest and Daily Heralds.

The second mailing was in an envelope from Pro-Life leader Irene Napier.

It came First Class, too.

Irene Napier argues that re-electing Ken Koehler will “promote good moral standards” as she bestows here “personal endorsement.”

Along with the letter came the same palm card that was enclosed with the pro-gun mailing.


Two Ken Koehler Pieces Arrive Today — 7 Comments

  1. Agreed.

    This is a man (a County Board Chairman) along with two other people she supports held an illegal meeting.

    Against the Open Meetings Act and got caught and reported to the Attorney General.

    Nice lady that listens to the wrong people.

    She is diminishing her credibility.

  2. And his leadership on the count board will change this how?

    This is two blatantly misleading mailers- 2nd amendment and medicare.

    Will he talk about foreign policy next?

  3. Cmon you guys. Irene is a wonderful woman running an outstanding organization.

    She is the Chairman of the Pro-Life Organization.

    She has to support those who support the unborn, even if she may disagree with the candidates other positions.

    She has a tough job.

    She is a great individual.

    She is a fair and reasonable executive of the Pro-Lifer group.

    She has done an excellent job and continues to hold firm under pressure, as she is now.

    Your motivation to take abuse IS the unborn. She has no personal gain.

  4. How bad did it get?

    Ken had to ask Irene to drag abortion into the election for cover.

    Because we all know that abortion is such a pivotal (non)issue in McHenry County Politics???

  5. I guess you weren’t around during the Title X fight in the mid-1990’s.

    It was so important that the pro-abortion Personal PAC puts it on its County Board questionnaires.

  6. I guess FYI 2 lives in 2012. Ah, for the good ole days, last century.

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