The Joe Walsh, Jr., TV Ad + Indian American TV Ads

Thought you might find this of interest:

And take a look at this ad about Obamacare by a female Indian-American primary care physicial:

Two other TV ads paid for by Indian Americans for Freedom.

I think I like the one best that has an India-educated engineer who, along with fellow grads (1969) who couldn’t find a job in his homeland, came to American and “found and lived the American dream creating thousands of jobs…

“Why do we want to follow policy that failed the middle class everywhere else on this planet?”

You can see the other two ads here on Bill Baar’s West Side blog.


The Joe Walsh, Jr., TV Ad + Indian American TV Ads — 4 Comments

  1. And I’ll point out the same thing I pointed out when the Walsh, Jr ad hit.

    Neither Walsh Jr or Walsh Sr have pointed out any specific lies that Duckworth (or her ads) have stated. Not one specific lie.


    Probably because Duckworth isn’t lying. Probably because Walsh has publicly admitted that he didn’t pay his court mandated child support. Probably because there is a long history of Walsh not paying his bills in numerous arenas.

    5 of the last 6 polls have Walsh trailing by at least 9. Walsh is toast. Good luck to him and his Fox News pundit role.

  2. And oh look… now We Ask America even has Walsh down big:

    Meanwhile, back in early October, We Ask America had Tammy Duckworth leading incumbent Republican Joe Walsh by six points, 50-44. But then, after President Obama’s disastrous debate performance had sunk in, We Ask America showed Walsh with a slight lead.

    Since then, Walsh has made one mistake after another and Duckworth has gone super negative against him and the natural Democratic advantage in that district has really kicked in.

    As a result, Walsh began falling way behind in We Ask America’s tracking last week and he’s now at a more than 9-point disadvantage, rounded at 54-46.

    Joe Walsh – it was nice knowing you.

  3. It’s weird how so many people say “government run health care” or “third world healthcare” Which is it?

    Not all third world countries are third world because of big government and countries that do have big government are not necesarily third world. It’s as if everyone pretends that everything outside of America is some third world big government nation.

    And why compare us to India? Why don’t you compare us to a country like Germany or Canada? Is their healthcare better or worse than ours?

    I’m sure there are pros and cons to every healthcare system. The notion that we have the best healthcare in the world has constantly been debunked. There are many variables you have to factor into what makes quality healthcare.

    How has healthcare failed every the middle class of every country in the world EXCEPT FOR AMERICA. That kind of “American exceptionalism” is based on ignorance and dillusional thinking.

    In other words, it’s hyperbole.

  4. To compare the United States to India is like saying Crystal Lake should have the same government and systems as Chemung because they are both in McHenry.

    India’s issue include a caste social culture and a severely stratified country. if anyone wants to use India as an example of free market economy- they might want to read ANYTHING to do with business and why one of the largest middle classes is NOT meeting expectations.

    How about Canada’s universal healthcare- take that on…..

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