Local 150 Operating Engineers’ Signs

One of the most politically active unions in McHenry County is Local 150 of the Operating Engineers.

I guess most people wouldn’t be surprised that its members are supporting the re-election of Barack Obama.

The Local 150 Operating Engineers Banquet Hall on route 120 in Lakemoor has a sign supporting the re-election of Barack Obama.

There are other signs as well:

Local and state legislative signs show that Local 150 of the Operating Engineers makes choices in both parties.

The local and legislative candidates with signs near the Local 150 Banquet Hall are the following candidates, all Republican:

  • Bonnie Thompson Carter, Lake County Board
  • JoAnne Osmond, State Representative
  • Linda Petersen, Lake County Board
  • Mary McClellan, McHenry County Board
  • Mike Nerheim, Lake County State’s Attorney


Local 150 Operating Engineers’ Signs — 13 Comments

  1. Unions are the reason most things are so expensive.

    As far as obama ,nothing good can be said of him either.

  2. You’d be surprised how the rank and file feel.

    This union was always a big supporter of GOP governors, including Edgar.

  3. Brent Smith: I hope you have a comment about this.

    Wow. Unions are a disgrace. They ARE the economic problem, the government connected ones in particular.

    Thank you, Scott Walker, for standing up to these thugs.

  4. This union local never stops surprising me.

    Im a union employee this union would not endorse me but did endorse a non union person when I ran for county board.

    This union pushed to get their people in control of the Mchenry county Republicans.

    Now they endorse obama.

    A president that had a bid for fixing government bridges go to a china company.

    That really helps these union workers.

    Keep supporting the failed obama local 150.

  5. Operating Engineers and Teamsters usually support GOP Candidates in these neck of the woods.

  6. Mark Shepherd: I have been told you have a campaign sign on YOUR lawn in support of an Independent for county board in your district but NOT all the Republican candidates.

    Are you not a Republican committeeman?

  7. ZORRO, in my case unions protected jon=bs and now the industry is flat and they can’t find enough drivers.

    I’m a retired long haul driver pulling liquid commodities over 48 states I can appreciate what the unions have done for us.

    I was a Teamster for over 20 years.

    As trucking companies were deregulated, more and more owner operators started competing for the same long haul loads driving down prices to where nobody can make a living.

    Now OTR is mostly owner operators and they are not making money.

    When I retired thankfully I had enough Teamster credits to get a small pension because the 401K the company provided would never pay the bills.

    That said, I will not vote for Obama because I think Romney can get more industry going in the country.

    150 support Obama becuase of the road building stimulus money.

  8. Unions are only11% of the work force!

    How can Unions be blamed for everything being expensive?

    Unions are not to blame its purely greed of these business owners!!

  9. Unions are driven by Democrats.

    Look at the deal with Boeing in SC.

    The Obama Dept of Labor stopped Boeing from moving jobs there because SC is right to work.

    Unions are dying especially in trucking.

    30 years ago many factories were union.

    AT the GM plants if you had a load to deliver you may sit for hours and they would never assist you unless you were a Teamster.

    Then you were taken first.

    Today I’m not sure if the Cassen’s Transportation (cars haulers/to dealers) drivers are still Teamster.

    Do you think for a second that if it were not for Unions that pay would stay competitive?

    Companies pay enough to keep people from going union.

    I could list twenty big companies that employed probably 30,000 Teamsters drivers that are just memories today.

    150 keeps work for its members which is a big reason to belong to the union.

  10. There is a very real effect of wages staying competitive with unions in the workforce.

    Unions also provide trained workers.

    They ensure a safe work environment.

    You can not blame the cost of goods on unions.

    There is alot of discussion on this blog about why tax payer funded pensions are bad- but look around at how many high placed Republicans receive a public pension-…. including Cal.

    You can not say that this is a Democratic issue and support the incumbent county board- who are eligible for a public pension.

    Unions are the middleclass.

  11. Union workers are the middle class, “Just sayin”, you’re right.


    Union Bosses are well into “the 1%”.

    Union leaders actually screw the majority of very people they ostensibly are supposed to help.

    You have to play the game to receive the benefit….and those benefits are enormous and are a fleecing of the public.

    BTW….I believe most public union pensions aren’t even subject to state income taxes.

    Do you think that’s because the unions elected the very “officials” who then in return exempted them from the state income tax?

    We need SMALLER government.

  12. Blame the unions; blame the employers!

    Does it really matter?

    The fact is that citizens in our nation and many others got GREEDY!

    Teachers in Chicago just went on strike – the citizens caved.

    The fact is the teachers keep producing an inferior product which is too ignorant to do much about it.

    RRH is correct in that eleven percent of employees are members of unions. Here is the problem:

    –Public-sector workers had a union membership rate (37.0 percent) more
    than five times higher than that of private-sector workers (6.9
    percent). Source: http://www.bls.gov/news.release/union2.nr0.htm

    Why is that?

    Employers with weak spines kept backing down to union demands and settling for higher and higher labor costs until “project off-shore” got serious.

    Now the unions are concentrating on the public sector because it is difficult to off-shore government and retain sovereignty.

  13. In Illinois no pension income is subject to the state income tax.

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