Special Prosecutor Request – Second Verse, Same as the First – with a U.S. Attorney Twist

Andy Zinke

John Koziol

My battery died last night, so I missed the hearing in which Sgt. John Koziol was asking Judge Thomas Meyer to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s alleged misdeed with reference to a Drug Enforcement Administration¬† probe in McHenry County.

The principals were walking down the hallway as I arrived.


Suffice is to say that Judge Meyer declined to make such an appointment,¬† tossing the situation to McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, the same thing he did with Deputy Zane Seipler’s request.

When contacted, Bianchi said,

“I have contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Appellate Prosecutor.”

Instead of taking over two years, as it did with Seipler’s request, Judge Meyer took less than two weeks.


Special Prosecutor Request – Second Verse, Same as the First – with a U.S. Attorney Twist — 17 Comments

  1. The major difference is that Seipler requested a special prosecutor to investigate Nygren himself. Nygren, as an elected county official, is the State’s Attorney’s client by operation of statute. Bianchi’s office has a duty to defend him.

    Nygren’s employees are not Bianchi’s clients. The State’s Attorney has no conflict when investigating and prosecuting deputies. It has no duty to defend Zinke from suit.

    That’s why the Seipler special prosecutor request took 2 years and this request took two weeks. It’s not that Meyer has his act together this time. It’s that it’s a different, much easier question.

  2. OMG! He refused AGAIN?

    There must be a mistake!?!?!

    Who’s to blame for this refusal???

    And when the US Attorney’s office and the Appelate Office also refuses to buy into this (which I believe they will), then what?

    Will the cry become that EVERYONE has found the same rug to sweep this possible non-event (in the DEA’s eyes, so far) under?

    I’ve heard the term “Standing” in some cases.

    Think it applies here, as in not having standing?

    I guess we’ll see down the road.

  3. Wake up AZ.

    So everyone that continues to come forward is conspiring against u and the Sheriffs dept? HMMMMMM?

    Can’t wait til an outside agency uncovers years of corruption/collusion/just plain ol’ greedy criminals w/bagdes!

    Get ready, better start shredding & deleting if u havent already.

    Oh wait, the feds have ways of undeleting. B

    esides they’ve been onto to u guys for years, like they were w/Pyle.

    And he’s sitting in the federal pen now.

  4. AZsupporter. ILrattlesnake.

    Why do the Nygren defenders go with the ‘2 letter state abbreviation+proper noun’ usernames?

  5. A..ndy Z..inke Supporter seems to be the MCSO mouthpiece.

    I wonder where his mouth will be is the months ahead if the US Attorney decides enough is enough and too much smoke has come from the MCSO.

    Maybe enough to investigate and look for the fire.

    As an uninformed observer I predict that they will do like the Fed’s did with Greg Pyle.

    Wasn’t he another pro-Nygren blogger.

    The fed’s don’t show their hand, they play close to the chest.

    Then they throw down a royal flush and whoosh.

    Off to the pokey or maybe federal grand jury if there is such a thing.

    I don’t know Nygren, ZInke or the other players, but I read every day the problems and have gotten tired of the over used dissgruntled employee line. There must be a better excuse for all the problems there. I think it is the boss or bosses.

  6. Until that time, when the Feds listen to the child molester who talks, so he can help his own case (consider the source) and the “outside” agency come flying in to ease your little minds that everything isn’t like the blogs state, I’ll just sit here and listen to you all foam at the mouth, and laugh along with everyone else who reads this tripe.

    Bring on the Feds!!

    Can’t wait!!

  7. AZsupporter . . . was it not Andy who said Pyle’s problem was a domestic issue?

    Oh My, birds of a feather do flock together!!!!

  8. AZ- the feds don’t need your pal Greg’s testimony; they have his computers and have monitored his activities for several years.

    As to the DEA investigation- I am aware of one former Crystal Lake resident whose electronic communications and travel were monitored for 3 years before he was indicted.

    The Feds didn’t need a word of testimony from him to hang a whole bunch of people.

    As I told a dirty Chicago cop(now ex-, and not out of prison yet) once- the wheels of Federal justice grind exceedingly slow and fine.

  9. This election for Sheriff in McHenry County is next primary season.

    Is that March 2014?

    I am sick to death of this Sheriff and Zinke his mini-me appointee.

    I’d rather shower at Penn State with Jerry Sandusky than vote for more of the same.

    Have we in McHenry Co so few professionals that we must stick with these meatball bully’s.

    Everyone I talk to says Nygren will do like Sheriff’s before him and resign after the general election so his stooge can run as an incumbent.

    Why do we need an ex cop as sheriff?

    Does he still ride a horse and wear a tin star.

    We need an MBA or some professional that can run a business and let his staff worry about the cop stuff.

    No need for a cop.

    Even Cook County has a lawyer and so does Lake County.

    Both seem to get along Okay.

    This local Sheriff has more controversy than both those combined.

  10. I always love when a few political opponents make some complaints and then use the complaints they stir up as proof there is much controversy.

    In a office of a few hundred employees we are talking about almost a handful with issues.

    Almost all can be linked directly to political opponents and all have debatable reliability.

    Of the hundreds of employees at the courthouse the conspiracy crowd aren’t exactly holding up the cream of the crop.

    Most of the fine employees at the Dept don’t go anywhere near these conspiracy blogs.

    Those who do engage in these blogs don’t exactly have a sterling history.

  11. BSN; Thanks, for so much more common sense than most of these “statements of fact” blogs.

    Apparently a “complaint”, in their minds, is FACTUAL just because someone says so.

    As I’ve stated before, Innocent until PROVEN Guilty!!

    In their minds, it’s the other way around.

    Must be taking Gus lessons.

  12. I on the other hand think a few above other than AZ and BSN have made some great points. I think these two compare notes.

    Just because Nygren and Zinke keep saying someone is a bad employee, doesn’t make it so.

    There have been a maybe a couple that I would side with Nygren on, but now we have a great long time sgt that sees a wrong and is being taken to the woodshed over it.

    Being labeled a disgruntled employee, I don’t buy it.

    My gut tells me that Zinke was more concerned about his gravy train and his politics than doing what was right.

    I don’t see this as political, but Zinke’s defense tactic is to smear Koziol vicariously through the likes of AZ and BSN, friends that post to blogs.

    From what I’m told the Sgt is not a political type.

    Never attended the political functions and avoided that sort of thing.

    NOW he is being tied to a particular candidate solely based upon his lawyer.

    Someone made a great observation.

    I don’t know where I read it.

    It basically said, who will want to be associated with Zinke?

    The jury is to disregard the previous statement!


    Who knows.

    Is he or isn’t he?

    Can he be trusted?

    I sure wouldn’t want my name on his donor list.

    My guess is that before this is all over, more will announce they want to be Sheriff and it will be a real horse race.

  13. Tyler G. and Hillary have their right to believe whatever they wish to believe, even IF it is only based upon what they have read here and in the papers, and NOT from first hand knowledge, or even having met either person.

    Being amoung the same group of knowing neither, nor the Sgt., MY comments are based solely on the amazing leaps of faith that others here have taken as PROOF of anything.

    Nigren MAY be just as Gus says he is, and Zinke MAY be just as those above have stated; BUT, until they are PROVEN to be guilty of ANYTHING but not being liked, I’ll rail against you all, just to watch you grunt and groan, and leap to whatever conclusions you THINK are real.

    ONE of us will be PROVEN wrong; I doubt it will be BSN, nor myself.

  14. Be sure to read the papers.

    Each week the FBI, US Attorney office and the DEA will announce all of the people that they are investigating and giving progress reports.


  15. Wow, enlightened political discourse …”your stupid!”

    Come for the comedy stay for the appetizers, It’s a good thing Meyer is not a dolt.

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