All in the Family

Mr. and, presumably, Mrs. Bob Nunamaker at State Rep. Mike Tryon’s 2011 Huntley Fish Boil.

Never saw the current Fox River Grove Village President Robert Nunamaker until we both attended State Rep. Mike Tryon’s 2011 Fish Boil. I assume the woman with him was his wife Marylou.

Earlier McHenry County Blog posted a photo of the Village President’s home which showed Obama and Dee Beaubien yard signs. You can see it below:

Campaign signs in front of Bob Nunamaker’s home in Fox River Grove.

Now, look at the election judges in Nunamaker’s precinct:

  • Marylou P Nunamaker: Democrat
  • Michael G Hartke: Democrat
  • Robert J Nunamaker: Republican
  • Kathleen A Hartke: Republican
  • High School Student A.J. Brown


All in the Family — 2 Comments

  1. If this man, Bob Nunamaker, is the same person who served on the Fox River Grove Dist. 3 School Board, I found him to be defensive, almost nasty, didn’t really know what he was talking about in his responses to questions from the public in his capacity as School Board member.

    Hope he and his whole “family” will be more accommodating to voters on Tuesday.

    How do we get these people in public office? good people may be turned off by the attitudes in local elections.

    Get over it; vote.

  2. Wow, kinda creepy taking a picture of a guys house, even if he has signs for whatever candidate.

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