Suspicious Package Found at Huntley High School

See post arrest press release from the Huntley Police Department here

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From the Huntley Police Department:

At 9:30, the following message arrived:

The Huntley Police Department has concluded its investigation at the Huntley High School. The area has been found to be safe.

The Huntley Police Department has concluded its investigation of a suspicious package and vehicle at the Huntley High School with the assistance of the Kane County Explosives Unit.

The vehicle and packages have been removed from the property.

Normal activities on the property and surrounding area may now continue.

Alert: Police activity at Huntley High School. Avoid area.

The Huntley Police Department is currently investigating a suspicious package in the parking lot of the Huntley High School in conjunction with the Kane County Explosives Unit.

Huntley High School

School activities have been cancelled for the evening. Please avoid this area for the next several hours.

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Huntley residents have told me this police action started about 2:30.

A bus driver was not allowed to drop off students at the back of the school, where their cars were parked. The teens were driven to their homes.

I have been told by unofficial sources that a suspect has been arrested.

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