Third Mary Margaret Maule Mailing Hitting Mailboxes

Democrat Mary Margaret figures it takes three mailings to crack through the Republican Party dominance in the McHenry-Richmond-Burton Township County Board District in which she is running.

Saturday, the third piece is scheduled to hit mailboxes in this five-way McHenry County Board race.

If any Republican mail has gone out, no one has shared it with me yet.

The back of the post card is most interesting. It points to the way elections are won–differential turnout.

If your candidate can get more votes than the opposition, your candidate wins.

Mary Margaret Maule cites a marvelous quote from Thomas Jefferson: “We, in America, do not have government by the majority, we have government by the majority who participate.”

On the address side, Maule repeats her promise not to take a pension, health care or payment for each mile drive to and from the courthouse for meetings.

Do the top left hand promises emind anyone but me of what Joe Walsh promised when he ran in 2010?


Third Mary Margaret Maule Mailing Hitting Mailboxes — 1 Comment

  1. AND Joe Walsh delivered, also promised not to serve more than 3 terms, term limits should be the rule, no more lifelong politicians.

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