Apparent Suicide at McHenry County Jail

McHenry County Jail cell

Gary Engel, an ex-cop from Willow Springs under Federal extortion charges, apparently committed suicide at the McHenry County Jail.

The Chicago Tribune story provides a lot of background about the case.

In the Northwest Herald story, Undersheriff Andy Zinke is quoted, although the new organization chart says he has nothing to do with the Corrections Division, which obviously gets Federal money for this Federal prisoner, plus lots more for the immigration detainees.


Apparent Suicide at McHenry County Jail — 5 Comments

  1. I was asking myself the same thing.

    Why isn’t Jail Chief Dan Sedlock the spokesman rather than Zinke?

    Where’s the Sheriff anyway?

    Does he pop his head up once and a while or does he wait for Ground Hog Day. look for his shadow and then go underground for another 6 MONTHS (not weeks).

    I suppose Zinke wants his name out there as much as he can.

    I’m also surprised he didn’t say the EX COP that hung himself was “disgruntled?”

    Disgruntled seems to be the official line for everything that happens up there.

  2. Since when does middle management speak for any company when there is a statement to be made?

    Most would assume that the Head, or the Second-in-Command would be the one that a reporter would contact when something major happens?

    If one of the area reps in the company where I work spoke “out of turn” when there was a problem, there might be an opening for a new rep position for which I could apply.

  3. Hey AZ— Zinke gave up the right to represent the jail in order to avoid his possible Hatch Act violation.

    Look at the new organizational chart, the jail chief reports directly to the sheriff.

  4. The Chief of the jail is certainly NOT middle management.

    He is the CHIEF.

    Andy Zinke ‘supposedly’ is not in the food chain.

    The Sheriff changed the whole department organization chart just to avoid Hatch Act issues.

    You know the “Smoke and Mirrors” to keep up appearances so he can still campaign and use the department car, uniform and so on and so forth.

    So with the Sheriff being in Florida most the time, the Jail CHIEF should be the head honcho.

    But of course don’t let a chance to get your name in the paper be spoiled by of some little organizational chart.

  5. I was glad to read in the Daily Herald, that the US Marshal’s Office was doing an investigation. Good to hear someone other than the Sheriff’s Department checking into this incident.

    AZsupporter you should offer your help!

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