Jesse Jackson, Jr., Could Be Another Ex-Congressman Soon

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting today that Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., is plea bargaining with the Feds in Washington regarding using his campaign funds for personal reasons.

The headline on the front page of the November 8, 2012, Chicago Sun-Times reads, “Jackson talks pleas with Feds.”

Read the story by Michael Sneed here.

The original story was broken by Jacobs High School graduate, now Sun-Times reporter Natasha Korecki.

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Yet another story about power corrupting.

While Republicans lost their seats through a vote of their potential constituents, this Chicago Democrat seems likely to lose his because of corruption.


Jesse Jackson, Jr., Could Be Another Ex-Congressman Soon — 8 Comments

  1. Yea… IL is the only state where something like would happen.

    There is absolutely no corruption anywhere else.

    *rolls eyes*

  2. When we add all the other corruption in Illinois yes, its bad and I as a tax payer are sick and tired of paying for it.

    Not only do we pay for the corruption but then we pay all the attorney fees etc.

    To suggest its all right because others are really frightening to me.

    I really hope Mr Jackson does time in jail.

  3. Want to bet his wife will be appointed to his vacancy, should he “resign” or be convicted?

  4. **To suggest its all right because others are really frightening to me.**

    Huh? Who suggested that?

  5. They elected a dead guy in Minnesota- He had been dead for almost a month.

    And he was a GOP candidate.

    As a Democrat- I stand disgusted by my party today.

    Between Derrick Smith and Jessie Jackson Jr.

    We add to the presumption that to be a Dem means your dumb.

    Before you all jump on- they aren’t anymore than I believe all Republicans are woman bashing bigots.

    Unfortunately for both sides- there is no stupid tax.

    None of us need the extremes of cronyism and greed.

    There is a vacum of leadership on so many levels

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