Feedback on Who’s Supporting Whom for County Board Chairman

Ken Koehler

The article just belowthis one tried to figure out who would support whom for McHenry County Board Chairman.

There are three active candidates:

  • Ken Koehler
  • Tina Hill
  • Ersel Schuster

I figure no one has a majority.

The first choice of the behind the scenes guys would obviously be Koehler. They have been dealing with him for eight years.

But public pressure for his replacement has come from both of the Heralds in their editorial endorsements of him.

And, his removal was the focal point of State Rep. Jack Franks legendary ire during his unsuccessful County Executive referendum fight.

Some suggest that I have listed three names supporting Koehler who are not. If so, he’s going to have a very difficult time reaching the needed thirteen votes.

Besides Hill, there is even a long-shot chance that well-liked Joe Gottemoller, just elected, might find people lining up behind him.

“Fresh start” could be the rallying cry.

Also jockeying for the leadership spot is veteran Board member Nick Provenzano.

All of this is speculation, of course, because the elected Board members are not showing their cards to the public.

That does not stop you from calling your County Board members-to-be and telling them whom you think they should support for Chairman.

And, if you would rather have the vote yourself, you can ask them to put a referendum on the ballot in February or April that, if passed, would lead to an at-large election of County Board Chairman in 2014. (A lot of phone numbers here.)

If such a referendum is not put on the ballot next spring, an at-large election could not occur until 2016.

If a Board member says it’s impossible to put a referendum on the ballot on electing the County Board Chairman at-large, ask how, then, it is possible for them to put a referendum on the ballot that could raise your taxes 10 cents per $!00 of assessed valuation.

It surely looks as if they plan to do that on November 19th.

Koehler and Hill are battling to become the Establishment candidate.

One source doesn’t believe there is any way that Koehler can be re-election and suggests that his supporters will end up behind Hill.


Feedback on Who’s Supporting Whom for County Board Chairman — 2 Comments

  1. I see that cry for “vote the out” carried far….prepping for my next tax bill.

  2. Franks didn’t do the referendum because of Koehler.

    You can say a lie as many times as you want, Cal, but it still doesn’t make it true.

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