Mike Skala Decides to Serve on Both Huntley School and County Board Despite “Incompatabilty”

Mike Skala

I missed the Northwest Herald article about newly-elected McHenry County Board member Mike Skala deciding to stay on the Huntley District 158 School Board until after a suit with contractors is settled.

Not quite as unified as McHenry County was against the 1974 RTA referendum, but 9-1 certainly shows a consensus.

And, it seems that former McHenry County College Board member Scott Summers thinks Skala missed a 1993 Attorney General’s opinion from Roland Burris saying that serving on both a school board and a county board at the same time is “incompatible, and one person may not serve simultaneously in both offices.”

The NWH notes that McHenry County citizens voted 9-1 against people holding more than one office at the same time.

There is also a political impact to Skala’s not resigning until February.

The current school board would not have to worry about someone running for the vacancy.

Its members could just appoint someone with whom they felt comfortable.

You can see the results here.

The five-page opinion that Summers found can be seen below. Click to enlarge any page.

This is where the words quoted in the article appear.


Mike Skala Decides to Serve on Both Huntley School and County Board Despite “Incompatabilty” — 7 Comments

  1. Like Linda Moore?

    Thanks for serving Mike! You have been an asset to our school board and will be an asset to the county board. Thank you!

  2. Oh for Pete’s sake.

    Skala IS human even though his supporters tend to speak of him in angelic tones.

    He should be off the school board the minute he is on the county board.

    Any lawsuits he has been involved in for the school district are not dependent upon him being a school board member for D158.

  3. Not running, bad ankle.

    No angelic tones.

    Just acknowledging a great school board member.

    Wasn’t Skala presented with an award for his community service?

    I think Linda is still WAITING for an award . . . kind of like those Grafton senior citizens WAITING for a senior bus that never came (because Linda intentionally deleted the bus schedule).

    Cal did great referencing Roland Burris’ 1993 opinion.

    Did you know he named his daughter “Rolanda?”

    What’s Roland doing these days?

    Didn’t he get caught up with Blago?

  4. Mike Skala was One of only two School Board members in Illinois named to the Legislature’s Impact Fee Task Force.

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