Tina Hill Lobbying Mike Walkup at Woodstock’s Starbucks

I take back any implication I may have made that all the efforts of those seeking to become Chairman of the McHenry County Board are being done in secret.

Tina Hill met with Mike Walkup at Starbucks in Woodstock today.

Thanks to a Friend of McHenry County Blog, folks now know that aspirant Tina Hill talked with newly-elected member Mike Walkup in public at Woodstock’s Starbucks today.


Tina Hill Lobbying Mike Walkup at Woodstock’s Starbucks — 7 Comments

  1. ooOOooo, that’s it! Sneak up on them!

    Now, how do we know the person talking to Board Member-elect Mike Walkup is really McHenry County Board Chair-candidate Tina Hill?

    If it really was her, wonder if Walkup pushed her for placing a referendum on the ballot in April to ask the voters to elect the county board Chairman at-large starting in 2014.

    Walkup is a regular contributor here. Maybe he can verify this image of him talking to “mystery person” is really Tina Hill, and really took place recently.

  2. Yes. That is me and Tina. Yes, I did push her about the Chair at large referendum. (she is in favor). I also mentioned that I would be meeting in my last post. I will also be meeting with Ersel Schuster a bit later this week, also in public. You can follow me around if you like. I have the beat up Chevy pickup with the chicken stickers. (I bought my own latte).

  3. So much for claims of any independence.

    Hill is the new establishment candidate because Koehler is too toxic to put back at the helm.

    Meanwhile, newly elected Democrat County Board member Mike Walkup continues to issue press releases saying one thing while preparing to do something else.

    It’s not what they say, it is what they do.

    Just remember, Walkup worked hard to give the CL Park District the toxic waste dump formerly known as Viking Dodge, paying a premium to turn it into…..no one knows.

    But don’t pick on his record, he’ll attack and say you don’t like parks.

    No, I don’t like people wanting to raise my taxes.

  4. Too toxic- your crazy- her interest is much more personal than that.

    You only need to consider her new vocation to figure out her interest in that position that pays 4 times what the board position pays.

    One more round of lets make a deal.

  5. People who know me know that I will talk with absolutely anybody.

    That doesn’t mean anything.

    I have talked with Ken also.

    I will be talking with Ersel later.

    I will make what I consider to be the best decision after gathering all of the information from all possible sources.

    Your input is welcome.

    Maybe soon we can all decide.

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