Fox River Grove & Harrison Grade Schools at Maximum Tax Rate in Education Fund, Harvard Hits It Next Year

West Elementary School in Crystal Lake.

Looking at maximum tax rates for school districts in McHenry County, I discovered that Fox River Grove Elementary School District 3 is blocked from raising its taxes not by the Property Tax Cap, but by having reached it $3.50 per $100 value statutory tax rate limit.

The Board asked for $4.3 million, but was allowed a bit over $4 million due to having reached the tax rate allowed by law.

The grade school district on the east side of Wonder Lake has the same situation.

Harrison Elementary School District 36’s Education Fund is at its $3.50 per $100 of assessed valuation maximum.

Of the other districts, Harvard Unit District is due to bump up against its $4 per $100 of AV maximum Education Fund rate next year.

If Harvard could get the extra 3% allowed by the tax cap, its rate would be $4.03.

And all school districts near their statutory tax rate limits have to worry about the projected 9% decrease in assessment base.

But, because of the maximum rate governing is Education Fund it will be able to increase its Education Fund by about 2.3%.

Districts like the the following have not reached their maximum Education Fund tax limit:

  • Cary Grade School
  • Crystal Lake Grade School
  • Marengo-Union Grade School
  • Richmond-Spring Grove (Nippersink) Grade School
  • McHenry Grade School
  • Prairie Grove Grade School
  • Riley Grade School
  • Crystal Lake High School
  • Marengo High School
  • McHenry High School
  • Richmond-Burton High School
  • Alden-Hebron Unit District
  • Barrington Unit District
  • Belvidere Unit District
  • Carpentersville Unit District
  • Huntley Unit District
  • Johnsburg Unit District
  • Wauconda Unit District
  • Woodstock Unit District


Fox River Grove & Harrison Grade Schools at Maximum Tax Rate in Education Fund, Harvard Hits It Next Year — 2 Comments

  1. Andrew,Maybe some citizens understand that well funded schools are important to the community as a whole.

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