Dorr Township Republicans Face Township Trustee Contest

There will be no primary election for the main Dorr Township offices as the following face no challenger:

  • Supervisor Bob Pierce
  • Assessor Veronica Myers
  • Road Commissioner Tom thurman
  • Clerk Quinn Keefe

But for the four Township Trustee spots, six people filed for office:

  • John Sheahan
  • Mark Andersen
  • Christian Cantwell
  • Joseph Evanoff
  • John K. Fuhler

= = = = = Correction = = = = =

Due to not asking enough questions, I thought that Green Party Chairman Frank Wedig was running in the GOP Primary.  I put that into the original headline from which it has now been removed.  He is again running for Township Trustee on the Green Party ticket.

“I ran for Dorr Trustee four years ago and if my memory is correct, I was some 90 votes short of getting elected,” Wedig emailed me.  “I received some 500 votes.”

= = = = = Correction = = = = =

Andersen, Cantwell, Evanoff and Sheahan are the incumbent Trustees, but my guess is that Wedig has done the most campaigning in Dorr Township.

My manual addition of Wedig’s County Board results shows him getting 2,192 Dorr Township votes.

Frank Wedig’s votes for a District 5 County Board seat in November of 2012. He ran as the Green Party candidate.

To put Wedig’s potential strength in perspective, you can see the final District 5 County Board results below:

The final election results for McHenry County Board in District 5.

Wedig is the second high-profile Green Party candidate to leave the Third Party movement.

The first was Scott Summers. He ran as a Democrat in District 6 and placed sixth with four to be elected.

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