Grafton Township GOP Primary Candidates File

Marty Waitzman

Pam Fender

Linda Moore

Candidates who have filed in the Republican Party primary election for Grafton Township Supervisor are the three who have previously been mentioned:

  • Linda Moore
  • Martin Waitzman
  • Pam Fender

Moore is the incumbent.  Huntley Village Trustee Fender was appointed by the Township Board as Township Administrator basically to replace Moore, but was ousted by Judge Michael Caldwell.  Waitzman is the newcomer to the political arena.

For Trustee only three people have filed for the three spots:

  • Betty Zirk
  • Carol Williams
  • Robert Wagner

Zirk has been one of the biggest proponents for a new township hall.  Wagner is a former Mayor of Crystal Lake.

Fender has previously indicated that she would be running with Zirk, Jenna Jones, Jim Kelly and Marci Gordon.  Only Zirk’s candidacy materialized.

Since there are four slots, people could run write-in campaigns for the vacant one.  I believe a minimum of 30 votes would be necessary to win a place on the April ballot (the number of petition signatures needed to get on the ballot), but, if more than one person runs, the one with the most votes over 30 would be the winner.

For Assessor Alan Zielinski is challenging incumbent William Ottley.

Highway Department employee Tom Poznaski is facing off against contractor Rich Dvorak.

No one filed for Clerk, so someone could become a write-in candidate for the $7,200 a year (to begin with) job.  Same minimum vote requirements as for Trustee.

Salaries for the people to take office next spring are found here.


Grafton Township GOP Primary Candidates File — 53 Comments

  1. Three years ago I kept hearing the name Linda Moore come up in conversation…about how awful she is. At the time I thought they were being ‘mean girls’ and I didn’t think too much of it because I often disagree with my friends political views….but I kept my ears open. It was my understanding, at the time, that Linda was a Christian woman, like myself, and a Republican, like me….not that I ever voted straight Republican but on a local level I thought we had some things in common. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. No one in our community could be so nasty, could they?

    After reading about some of the things she’s done, ie. deleting township records, kicking out the food pantry, leaving seniors out in the snowy cold waiting for a bus that would never come, lying about knowing where the township financial records were, allowing Forensicon to do their investigation and then admitting having the records all along but only when under oath in court….etc, etc. I had to start going to meetings.

    I’ve been to countless township meetings now and this is what I see. Linda not prepared. Trustees given inadequate information – information that can only come from Linda. Trustees ask Linda about missing information. Linda gives excuses as to why information is missing. Board approves proper bills. Trustees ask why previous board approved bills have not been paid. Linda gives more excuses, or does not answer at all, or claims that’s its under litigation. I have witnessed time and again how the trustees will try to work with Linda only to be met with more road blocks and double speak. Every time something does not go Linda’s way another law suit is threatened. During public comments Linda refuses to answer any questions. I have heard complaints that Linda interfered with the clerks job to prepare and run the annual meeting….the list goes on and on. I would say go look at the video footage located at the GT website but that has since been removed….by Linda.

    At the annual meeting it is clear to all who are present that the township is running out of money fast and we have not had any completed audits since Linda took office. I have no doubt that a forensic audit is needed at this point.

    I began FOIA-ing documents to get a sample of where the money was going. The FOIA process was difficult at best. Often late. Often with missing documents. If my wording was not precise, the request was denied. There were times when I had to write an appeal to the state attorney to receive my FOIA request.

    On a personal level there are many, many cases where she is either being sued or is suing someone…including family members. Her own parents had to file an order of protection against her. This is all available online if you care to take a look. This activity has apparently transferred over to her position as Supervisor. Countless lawsuits totaling more that $600k all paid for by the taxpayers of Grafton Township.

    This is just a bit of what I have witnessed personally. I don’t understand why someone would continue to support her. After witnessing what I have over the past few years it’s clear to me that she has no interest in helping Grafton Township other than to see it go away. That’s just my opinion.

    Some say that townships serve no purpose and it’s a waste of tax dollars. That may be true…for some townships. Others work very well and provide a service for their residents. If you wanted to consolidate or eliminate townships, isn’t there a better way to get it done other than to create turmoil? But then how is eliminating townships fair to the ones that run smoothly and do so much good for their community?

    I will not be voting for Linda Moore, nor anyone she supports, nor anyone who supports her.
    Obviously I can’t fit 3.5 years worth of information in one post so if you don’t believe me, please look it up for yourself.

    I apologize for any misspellings and grammatical errors. I’m not a writer. Just a concerned resident of Grafton Township.

  2. “Your innocent attacks on Ms. Moore are beyond any rationale.

    It is the mentoring of Ms. Schuster that helped bring to light many of the illegal deeds perpetrated on the taxpayers of Grafton Township by your trustees and their minions.

    If you spent as much time helping clean up the trustees’ mess as you do flapping your “fingers” causing as much trouble as you can… your taxpayers would not need to be subjected to all the outrageous legal bills and embarrassment your trustees are giving them.

    Grow up.

    Thank goodness there are strong, knowledgeable people like Mrs. Schuster who have the courage to stand up to those who think that holding elected office is some sort of a personal game….be it township or county.”

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