Moore Explains Township Multiplier

A missive from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.  I wonder if it will get more than the 50 comments on the previous post about her.

Linda Moore

Dear Grafton Township Residents,

The deadline for filing an appeal of the assessed value of your home is December 10th. Please call the county assessor’s office 1-815-334-4290 if you have not received a letter with your properties assessed value.


How do the county assessor and the Illinois Department of Revenue determine the equalization value for your assessed property value?

In Grafton Township this year the multiplier for all property is over 9%.

This fact is not true for any other township in McHenry County.

It is determined by:

  • The Illinois Department of Revenue looks at the sales that have occurred (2009-2011) and compares the assessments on that property – it is a measure of assessment valuation quality.
  • Two levels of equalization are done each year in McHenry County, first by the county assessor and then by the Illinois Department of Revenue as required by law.
  • The goal is for every township to have the level of assessment at 33.3%.
  • The Illinois Department of Revenue checks to see that after the Board of Review action that the county has the appropriate level of assessment for equity across county borders.

The 9% equalization has been interpreted by the state and county to mean that the assessed value for all properties, on the average, is too low in Grafton Township.

As a result of this, the township office has been very busy with residents seeking to appeal the assessed value of their property.


RTA will be giving a free class on using public transportation. They will discuss reading train and bus schedules and maps. I have always been a bit unnerved by travelling into the city by train or bus. If you are like me and would like to learn more about how the bus and trains work, plan to join us. They will also discuss senior discounts, fares, and the Ride Free program. On Wednesday, December 5th at 5pm this class will be held at the American Community Bank. Please call 847-669-3328 to reserve a seat.

I hope everyone is keeping warm now that the temperatures are dipping into the teens. If you know of someone in financial difficulty, please have them give the township office a call. We can help with General Assistance and Emergency Assistance Programs. We also have lots of warm coats for all ages and a food pantry to help someone who cannot afford to buy groceries.

December 4 Senior Bingo

Grafton Township will be holding a festive Bingo event, Christmas entertainment will be sponsored by Sunrise Assisted Living and Northwest Home, Health, and Rehab sponsors lunch. Join us December 5 starting at 11 am at Huntley American Legion, 11712 Coral St., Huntley, Tuesday.

Coat Drive

As the weather cools, some people who can’t afford a winter coat are going to find a need for them. Grafton Township Supervisor, Linda Moore wants to help. If you have an extra gently used or new coat or two, please bring them into the Grafton Township office or place them in our collection boxes.
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Senior Services Calendar

The Crystal Lake Senior Services Associates has released their December 2012 Calendar.
Click here to view the December Calendar

Presentations on Using Accessible CTA, Pace and Metra Public Transportation

Accessible CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains are easy to use and the RTA would love to show you how! It is important that people with disabilities and seniors stay informed about public transportation options in order to get to appointments, maintain social connections, and enjoy independent travel. Mark your calendars for December 5th.
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Grafton Township
Supervisor Linda Moore
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Phone number: 1-847-630-6325
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Moore Explains Township Multiplier — 15 Comments

  1. Linda, you are the supervisor, please try to do that job, before you try to do Assessor Ottleys as well.

    People are appealing because the equalized values by the county are too high.
    Market value and sales comparisons will show if the values the county provided are too high or low.

    Seems with the office traffic you are talking about – the residents feel that the county numbers are too high???

    Perhaps the county should have left Ottleys numbers as is, and residents would be OK???

  2. Many of those who are appealling heard about it from these newsletters.

    The county must follow the state law when determining the equalized values.

    I cannot speak for the residents feelings about the county.

    The county has no choice when determining the equalizer.

    Even after the board of review makes a ruling on these appeals, the state can then apply another factor to ensure equality from county to county across the state.

  3. Linda is doing her job. While the trustees and their lackies run around talking about lawyer costs and the things she does, Linda is actually keeping costs down and stopping wasteful spending by RINO trustees.

    That is a very difficult job indeed.

    And since someone asked for the comparison between Linda and the trustees, here you go:

    As you can see not only do they have childish arguments in session, and in court; but they also cost the taxpayers money.

  4. Those are numbers from 2011.

    I’ve already seen that document and there were some discrepancies that were pointed out in one of the general meetings.

    Do you have anything else?

    Something more current, maybe?

  5. Linda, what you posted is incorrectly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Zielinksi (your friend, and Cal’s) helped you write it

    It is ok though, each time you try to interfere in the assessor’s business, it helps strenghten the case against Al Z, so he doesn’t try to hire you if (G-d forbid) he were elected.

    First of all, I would encourage everyone to review the McHenry County Assessor’s website for the total equilizers by township – they are all fairly close. Yes, Grafton’s is highest, which means that Mr Ottley worked hard to lower all of our property taxes

    Last year, Al Z thought Ottley’s estimates were too high, now he and Linda (and the girlfriend that Al lives with – remember Al isn’t a property owner in the township, he’s an owner in Barrington) think it is too low instead?

    Linda, people aren’t stupid. If Ottley had left the estimated values higher, then the equilizer may have been lower, but it would still come out to the same amount! How is it a BAD thing that Ottley tried to have accurate (which means lower) assessed value?

    If he had left them higher then even more people would have had to appeal!

    You are so clueless and we need to stop paying you a salary, and avoid the “I can’t hold down one job so I own a bunch of companies and need Grafton taxpayers to provide me a steady paycheck” Al Zielinksi too.

    Actually looking at Linda’s photo she is clearly over 65, why is she getting private insurance? that confuses me.

  6. The recent legal bills for the trustees are on the website home page.

    No bill is available for this fiscal year from Atty. Nelson for the litigation with the trustees.

  7. zielinski should not even be allowed to run ,much less win. If it is true he has a friend in Grafton how nice, he still lives in Barrington.

    Keep him out and keep Bill Ottley in.

    Why doesn’t zielinski run for office in Barrington?

    Maybe they do not want him either.

  8. All of these rumors about Al Zielinski.

    If he’s not a resident of Grafton Township, then how is Zielinski a registered voter in Grafton Township?!?

    So, who’s going to file a challenge to Zielinski’s petitions due to his residency?

    Just curious.

  9. @LuvLuvPam -“Linda is doing her job.”

    First time in 3.5 years anyone has been able to say that – and the jury is still out on your opinion.

    We must be getting close to an election which is why we have this industrial-strength makeover to whitewash people’s memories.

    Got any more creative license “factoids” for us?

  10. 1. Moore is not 65, far from it. That answers the snarky, incorrect comment in one post.

    2. Moore IS doing her job which is probably why she gets such “lip” and etc. Some seem to think having 5 Supervisors is what should be done. NO.

    3. Yah, the multi buck Taj Bldg. IS still in issue. It’s isn’t needed. It isn’t wanted by the majority of taxpayers from what I hear. The fact it got knocked out by people (including Moore) still lingers in the craws of those who wanted the darned thing. It would have been an interesting political palace and political feather in certain caps.

  11. Linda Supporters = eyes closed and fingers in their ears: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!! I can’t hear you!!! I can’t hear you!!! Blah, Blah, Blah!!

    I, for one, think that the “Taj Mahal” IS needed. The current building is so small for our growing community and it’s in such disrepair. I’d much rather have IT than $600k+ on legal bills….but that’s neither here nor there. It’s just my personal opinion.

    No, I’m not running for any office.

    The only people I hear STILL talking about it are the same people who can’t say what Linda has accomplished in the past 3.5 years.

    Neither of the other two candidates have said they wanted to build a new building.

    In fact they’ve said it’s not even possible in our current financial situation.

    It’s Linda who WANTS you to believe it’s still an issue because that’s all she’s got to go on. The building is the only thing she can come up with.

    BTW…Getting rid of the building wasn’t eve HER accomplishment.

    She was one of a few who joined in on a lawsuit and then had to remove herself when she became supervisor.

    Stop being childish and look at the facts.

  12. OK, let’s look at some real facts all of you anti Linda Moore people. Who is your choice in the Republican primary for Grafton Township Supervisor if it is not Linda Moore? Are you for Pam Fender? How about Marty Waitzman? Or, are you simply waiting to see who files in December as an independent to take on the winner of the February supervisor primary?

    How about you, @Seeing the Light? You undecided, or are you backing Fender or Waitzman?

    Personally, I believe Linda Moore has turned into the Bill Sarto of Grafton Township (Bill Sarto was the one-term village president of Carpentersville from 2005-2009 who won a close election by less than 40 votes, who only garnered 16% of the vote in his failed re-election bid; then went on to lose the Democrat primary for Kane County Board chairman in 2012 to a candidate who only spent $35 on the primary race). Given that dubious company, Moore needs to be replaced.

    If I were to vote in the Grafton Republican primary, I’d be leaning to Waitzman right now. Fender really turned me off with her use of the “Peace” theme for her campaign she launched back in August, complete with hippie peace sign. That and Fender had 3 trustee running mates bail on her has displayed a leadership gap I do not believe she can fill. Being a paperhanger striked a negative chord in me, too.

    Waitzman comes across as genuinely interested in doing what’s right for Grafton Township, and he has a legal background, meaning he can better discern attorney-speak, and know when a lawyer is bluffing.

  13. Guess you haven’t heard, Waitzman is now using the pease theme too!

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