Democrats Plan Caucuses in Dorr and McHenry Townships

From the Democratic Party of McHenry County:

Notice of Democratic Caucus

Dorr Township and McHenry Township Democrats are invited to attend a caucus on Tuesday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m. to nominate candidates for the Spring 2013 election for Township offices. If you are a resident of either of these townships, please plan on attending the caucus.

This is an important chance to continue our efforts to break the Republican stranglehold on local government. Your participation is essential.

Visit our website for more information

Dorr Township residents, click here. The meeting will be held December 4, 2012 from 7 to 9 at the Woodstock Public Library, 414 W Judd St.

McHenry Township residents, click here. The caucus will be held at the McHenry Township Hall Tuesday, December 4, 2012 from 7 to 9.
Democratic Party of McHenry County


Democrats Plan Caucuses in Dorr and McHenry Townships — 4 Comments

  1. I am really shocked.

    The Democrats holding a caucus?

    The Dems are always SCREAMING about openness and transparency and here they are refusing to allow the voters of Door and McHenry Townships to choose their representatives in government.


  2. How is a caucus any less open than a primary?

    Anyone who was not officially affiliated with another party in the last election (election judges, committeeman, or candidates) is allowed to come and participate.

    A caucus should provide open discussion of who will be the best candidate.

    It is far less expensive than a primary.

    In a caucus you have the opportunity to show up and ask the candidates questions.

    In a primary, especially for these local offices, there is almost no campaigning, and most voters go into the booth without knowing where the candidate stands on key issues, and votes for the one who they have seen the most signs for.

    I am disappointed that the Republicans did not also hold a caucus.

    I think we would have had more people throw their hat in the ring, and we would have been able to select the best candidates from a bigger pool of people.

    As it stands we will not be having a primary, because there are no contests in our township, and the average voter will have no input into who will be on the ballot in April, unless the candidate happened to come to their door looking for a signature on their petition.

  3. Erik is exactly right.

    The whole point of a caucus is to allow the public to choose candidates.

    Any Democrat living in one of those two townships is welcome to attend and VOTE.

    How is that hypocritical?

  4. And Republicans in this county are always SCREAMING about fiscal responsibility and integrity- in the mean time, the chairman’s son was just hired by the company that is awarded numerous county contracts and my taxes keep going up.

    You got your own work to do with your party, John 8:7

    Cast the first stone.

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