Spring Grove Abduction Threat to Child

from the Spring Grove Police Department:

A report of a possible child abduction occurred in unincorporated Spring Grove.

School and transportation personnel have been notified.

An incident in unincorporated Spring Grove (Lotus Woods Subdivision) reportedly took place recently that is worth reporting to you.

A male, driving a black work van and wearing a black ski mask, approached a 12 year old male after being dropped off at his school bus stop. The offender pulled alongside the child and asked for directions, offered to give the boy a ride home, and indicated he knew the boy’s mother. When the boy declined the ride, the driver sped off.

Although the intentions of the man are unknown, this situation is a reminder for us to reinforce to our children the importance of good safety tips when approached by strangers. Please continue to remind your child to never approach a strange vehicle or an unfamiliar individual regardless of what the person may say, and to notify an adult immediately when this type of situation occurs.

Please report any suspicious incidents to your local police department. School and transportation department personnel have been informed.

Richmond Police Department: 815-678-2351
Spring Grove Police Department: 815-675-2596

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