Jane Collins Says Time for District 6 County Board Chairman as Development Plan Being Finalized

Jane Collins

A message from Woodstock attorney Jane Collins, who lives in the most rural District in McHenry County:

“Good reasons for the new County Board to elect a chairman from the most rural district: fairness, Open Meetings accountability and the County’s draft Unified Development Ordinance.

“Please note: this is not about Ken Koehler.

“It has been far too long since a board member representing residents in rural McHenry County had a turn at heading up the board.

“I think most agree that uninterrupted control and power concentrated in board members from the Southeast and in the same person is not in our best interests.

“And would it not be good if those board members who violated the Open Meetings Act by rotating in and out of a secret meeting stepped down from running for chairman?

“It would be the honorable thing to do.

“Giving a District 6 member the responsibility of overseeing the draft county development ordinance would be just and fair.

“After all, it’s the groundwater, farmland and quality of life in the Western part of the County that are most at stake.

“Yes, we know that deals have been made, horses already traded before the new board is seated.

“Will that board surprise us and set aside politics as usual and do the right thing?

“One can only hope.”

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