Who Got County Board Terms of What Length?

An observant reader reminds me that I have not yet published who got two year terms and who won’t have an election for another four years.

Members of the 2012-2014 McHenry County Board.

McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz held the two different term options as the newly-sworn in County Board members drew their lots. You see the results below. The numbers in front of the names refer to the numbers of years for each of three terms. If a “2” is first, it means the person has a two-year term starting in 2012 and is up for election in 2014. The “4’s” refer to four-terms.

District 1

2, 4, 4 – Robert Nowak and Nick Chirikos
4, 4, 2 – Anna Miller and Yvonne Barnes

District 2
2, 4, 4, – Donna Kurtz and Jim Heisler
4, 4, 2 – Carolyn Schofield and Ken Koehler

District 3

2, 4, 4 – Mary McClellan and Joe Gottemoller
4, 4, 2 – Nick Provenzano and Mike Walkup

District 4
2, 4, 4 – Sandy Salgado and John Hammerand
4, e, 2 – Sue Draffkorn and Bob Martens

District 5
2, 4, 4 – John Jung and Paula Yensen
4, 4, 2 – Tina Hill and Mike Skala

District 6
2, 4, 4 – Michele Aavang and Ersel Schuster
4, 4, 2 – Diane Evertsen and Mary McCann

Note that Democrats Chirikos and Yensen both drew a short straw.


Who Got County Board Terms of What Length? — 7 Comments

  1. PLS break down the terms for each of these people. Finding it confusing.

  2. The numbers refer to how long the next three terms of this seat will be:

    So if it says 2,4,4 (Michele Aavang for example) it means she will serve two years and be up for reelection in 2014. Then it will be a 4 year seat in 2014 and 2018.

    4,4,2 means they are seated until 2016 and their “Short term” will be in 2020.

  3. Draw lots?

    Why isn’t is based on the election results?

    Although I guess in this county it doesn’t really matter.

  4. If I were a conspiracy theorsits, those results would give me a lot to work with.
    Both Democrats and several Republicans with reputations for psuhing back all have 2 year terms.

    Hmmm…. random.

  5. Believe me, it was random.

    State law requires that it be done this way.

    We don’t have the option to do it by highest vote getters for instance.

    The drawing was done that way but after that it is pure chance.

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