Crystal Lake Agrees to Wait for Input from New Police Chief on De-criminalizing Marijuana

Cameron Hubbard

An ordinance that would have changed possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor offense to a petty offense evidenced by a ticket was removed from the table and then from a future agenda in its presented form.

No one disagreed that the issue should start from scratch with the new Police Chief, who will be sworn in in early January.

After the meeting, retiring Chief Dave Linder indicated that he didn’t mind. He said minor cannabis charges were being thrown out by judges and he presented the issue because it was on the leading edge of law enforcement.

Because the vote was 7-0 to kill the proposed ordinance, no hint was given at how the tie-breaker, newcomer Cameron Hubbard felt on the issue.

He replaced Carolyn Schofield, who favored the proposal.

See details on what other towns do here.


Crystal Lake Agrees to Wait for Input from New Police Chief on De-criminalizing Marijuana — 12 Comments

  1. Saying Linder is a disgrace is an understatement.

    The entire department with the exception of his few minions is soooo happy he is finally leaving.

    The department will improve exponentially(his favorite big word) with his forced departure.

  2. Linder was the enemy to so many good people of Crystal Lake. He helped his pals and attacked his enemies. He did so with a smile.

    He was a liar and a fraud.

    Thank God he’s gone.

  3. “Forced departure”?

    Tell us why you say it was forced?

    I thought he was just taking the bloated pension and running to Florida with it.

  4. uptohere: Chief Linder is listed as retiring.

    What do you know or think that leads you to the conclusion that his departure is “forced”?

    Council shows much deference to him still, one reason why the drug ordinance again bobbed to the surface last night.

  5. Don’t know about the size of the pension, but he told me that he was staying in Crystal Lake.

  6. Don’t know about the size of his pension? He’s retiring at age 57!!!!

    This doesn’t happen in the “free market”. This is WHY our state is going broke!!!!!

    ….but, I forgot Cal, you receive a bloated state pension too.

  7. And, just in case I have not thanked you recently for it, thank you.

  8. Skeptic, at least Cal is providing this forum for your pontification.

    This blog costs you nothing and is a public service that you, yourself, cannot seem to stay away from.

    So when you attack him about his pension…at least in Cal’s case he still earns it..he still serves in this way….what, Skeptic, have you done for your community lately?

    And Cal, you are welcome and thank you back.

  9. OH YEAH…PROOF…when you throw stones and claim liar and fraud…you better have proof…because the guy with the bloated pension knows who you are…better be able to back those accusations up..

  10. Good Riddens Linder!

    You sucked at your job from the beginning!

    you protected friends and let them violate laws while you tried to make it look like your some kind of up standing citizen.

    Frankly, your a big fat nothing!

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