District 300 Strike Ended after One Day

Striking District 300 teachers walked on the side of Randall Road near the Jacobs High School sign.

A robo-call from District 300 Board member Joe Stevens tonight announced the settlement of the LEAD300 teachers union strike:

“Good evening. This is Joe Stevens, member of the District 300 Board of Education and District spokesperson regarding the ongoing negotiations between the Teachers Union, LEAD 300, and the Board of Education.

“Board of Education and LEAD 300 negotiation teams met today to try to find a resolution.

“On behalf of LEAD and the Board, I am pleased to report that we officially reached a tentative agreement this evening with LEAD for a new 3-year contract.

“The strike has ended, and schools will be in session tomorrow, Wednesday, December 5th.

“It was through the combined efforts of LEAD’s leadership team and the Board’s leadership team that we are able to end the strike.

“Both LEAD and the Board deeply appreciate the amount of public input we have received on these incredibly important issues.

“Your support for our efforts and for the learning environment was impressive.

“It is clear that we all share a mutual concern for our students’ success.

“As is customary in these types of situations, no details of our tentative agreement will be released by either party until the agreement is ratified by the LEAD membership and accepted by the Board of Education which is anticipated to take place no sooner than December 18th.

“Thank you.”

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Such a shame the taxpayer pubic is not able to see the contract before those who negotiated in secret vote to approve it.


District 300 Strike Ended after One Day — 5 Comments

  1. Such a shame the taxpayer pubic is not able to see the contract before those who negotiated in secret vote to approve it.

    You can say that again. My gut tells me it is a budget buster and a reforendum to pay for it will follow shortly.

  2. Unless the school board is putting that referendum on the April ballot, they won’t have the chance to do it again until March of 2014 (unless there is still time to put it on the February ballot, which will also cost the taxpayers of Kane County money since there are no scheduled/contested township primary elections on February 26th).

    Speaking of the April ballot, the details WILL have to be made public just in time for school board candidate filings by the 26th.

    Board members Anne Miller, Karen Roeckner and Dave Alessio will be up for election in April.

    Unknown if Miller will seek re-election to a 5th term, nor Roeckner for a 3rd on April 9th.

    But if the contract really screws the taxpayer or produces a tax referendum, up to 3 members of the school board will face the voters soon.

    The ballot box is our only place to vent, anyway, so let’s hope we voters use it.

  3. After the CUSD 300 Board approved and teacher union (LEAD 300) ratified the last collective bargaining agreement, it took the school district over 8 months to post the collective bargaining agreement on the district website.

    Did it take the Board and teacher union that long to finalize the agreement after it was approved and ratified?

    Read my comments in the following post.

    So, the public may not know the details of the new collective bargaining agreement before the April election.

  4. Also, we already know the new agreement is a budget buster.

    The Board proposed deficit spending, and the unions response was to go on strike.

  5. A strike is a very drastic action, and I’m sure the public will want to know the details sooner then later, and Board Member Joe Stevens noted the details will be made public by the end of this month.

    Of course, to hold board members accountable, there have to be candidates who are willing to do so running for school board.

    Therefore, who files will tell us much.

    Cal, time to reach out and find out if all 3 incumbents who are up for election are seeking re-election in April.

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