Pot Legalization Vote Will One of First for New City Councilman

Cameron Hubbard was appointed to replace Carolyn Schofield when Schofield moved on to the McHenry County Board.

Now, at one of his first meetings, the newcomer will be faced with a vote to de-criminalize marijuana.

The agenda item is way down at the bottom, item number 20 out of 24.

Linder’s staff looked at other communities and found the following:

The amount of pot that Downers Grove, the town from whence Lindner’s replacement, Deputy Chief James R. Black now serves, allows 30 grams to be treated as a ticket offense, rather than a criminal offense.  Chicago’s figure is 10 grams.

The minimum fine under the proposed Crystal Lake ordinance would be $500.

If there were a number of tickets issued in 2013 similar to the arrests in 2011, the city would get $25,000 in new revenue.


Pot Legalization Vote Will One of First for New City Councilman — 4 Comments

  1. If the minimum is $500, what is the max? Sounds like a money maker to me. Would the City now allow pot parties in private homes?

  2. The city would get $25,000 in new revenue and sell its soul in the process.

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