What Is the Coalition of Responsible Gambling and Why Is It Calling McHenry County Residents?

Look at the phone call that McHenry’s John O’Neill got from a gambling group.

He couldn’t figure out whether it was a pro-gambling organization or one in favor hiding under a name that might appeal to be anti-gambling.

Share what you think the objective of the group is.

John O’Neill

“I received a phone call from the Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion.”The caller immediately stated, ‘Recently Governor Quinn vetoed a bill to expand gaming in the state of Illinois. Do you agree with his veto to benefit the rich casino owners who already have gaming licenses?’

“I asked who she was and she stated, ‘OK sir, we are the Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion.’

“I asked when they are.

“She said, ‘OK sir, we have a website, would you like the address?’ http://www.responsiblegamingcoalition.org/

“I went to the website looking for info on who made up the Coalition but I couldn’t find any real info.

“I filled-out their ‘contact us’ form asking the following, ‘Your site states, “The Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion” is a broad group of concerned citizens, community leaders and business groups…”

“Please name some of the Concerned Citizens. Who are the Community Leaders involved with your organization? Please let me know which Business Groups are affiliated with the Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion.”

“Maybe if we all fill-out their forms we may find out who exactly are involved with The Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion.

“Just a thought.

“Thank you,
“John O’Neill”

= = = = =
The Illinois
Church Action on Alcohol and Addictive Problems tell me, “The Illinois Casino Gaming Association is part of this group.”


What Is the Coalition of Responsible Gambling and Why Is It Calling McHenry County Residents? — 3 Comments

  1. The caller’s message doesn’t match the website message.

    The caller refers to rich casino owners.

    The website seems to be pro existing casino owners.

    Why call themselves rich?

    Anyways I’m for slots at horse racetracks, since racetracks where in Illinois before riverboat casinos, and most other states allow slots at horse racetracks, resulting in bigger purses, so horses racing in Illinois have left and are leaving.

    The problem is the bill is filled with other gambling expansion, and I’m not for that right now.

  2. The nearest casino to McHenry County would have been in Park City, Illinois.

    If you have ever been there, you probably know they do not a casino there – let alone anymore in Illinois.

    If you really want to get more revenue to casinos, make them smoking instead of non-smoking.


  3. casino owners can do as joe & suzy truck driver/nail parlor owner have to do to get money they don’t already have,trot on over to the bank,ask for a loan,,,,,,,,,

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