Pam Fender’s Grafton Township’s Supervisor Petition Challenged

Pam Fender

The first stage of an election is the petition-passing process.

The second stage is too often the petition-challenging process.

I remember when Marc Munaretto was first running for Algonquin Township Clerk, he knocked challenger Nancy Scalero off the ballot because she did not number the pages of her petition. He won without opposition.

Now, Huntley Trustee and deposed Grafton Township Administrator Pam Fender’s petition for the Republican nomination for Township Supervisor has been challenged by someone whose last name is Krohn.

An Electoral Board hearing will be held Monday night at 7:30 in the multi-purpose room at the Huntley Park District Building.

The Board will be chaired by Township Clerk Harriet Ford. Other members will be Trustees Betty Zirk and Barb Murphy.

Fender announced that Zirk would be running on a slate which apparently disintegrated.

Should Fender be tossed off the ballot for whatever reason(s) cited in the petition, of which I do not yet have a copy, that would leave a two-way race for the GOP nomination for Supervisor.

Since Fender is an enemy of Moore, it is likely that she would end up supporting the third candidate Marty Waitzman.

That would not bode well for Moore.

Of course, if kicked off the Republican ballot, Fender could run as an Independent, as Jim Kearns is.

That would mean the April election would be a three-way race in which I would think the Republican nominee would be the favorite.


Pam Fender’s Grafton Township’s Supervisor Petition Challenged — 24 Comments

  1. Could it be Nancy Krohn, legal assistant to Martin Waitzman who filed the petition challenge?

  2. Would Fender support Waitzman if he is the one got her off the ballot?

  3. No matter what, Waitzman is a far better candidate than Moore.

    He is at least capable of performing the job.

  4. IF this challenge is from Waitzman’s camp, I’m disappointed in Marty.

    Grafton Township needs a leader that will bring things back to normal.

    We have had four years of someone looking for loopholes.

    This type of move, while legal, can be a harbinger of things to come.

    That’s not a move in the right direction for the residents of Grafton Township.

  5. What!

    Waitzman’s legal assistant has the same name as the person who filed the petition challenge?

    Marty’s not up for a fair election fight.

  6. If the paperwork isn’t filed correctly and there is a reason to have her removed… it is still a fair election fight…

    That just means that the rules were not followed when filing.

    I am all for making sure rules are filed from here on out! Our township more than any needs to follow the rules.

    Regardless of who files the petition, the Electoral Board will make a fair and correct decision I hope.

    Either way it goes…Good Luck to the candidates.

  7. The page on which she wrote the date for the primary will be thrown out. If she has enough signatures without that page she should be fine.

    Her name should appear on the ballot exactly as it’s written on her nominating papers.

    It will look pretty strange, but there’s nothing wrong with it legally.

    The most troubling part of all this is seeing an Obama supporting liberal running as a republican.

    Come on Pam. Do the right thing, pull your petitions for the republican primary, and run as a democrat or independent.

    Stop the charade!

  8. This is hilarious – you have a group of bozos over on a website drumming up all sorts of hate and discontent because they didn’t get their taj mahal and now this?

    #1 These closet democrats need to get out of Republican politics and run as democrats.

    #2 Pam is not qualified – period.

    #3 Regardless if she stays on the ballot or not – LOL

  9. To LuvLuvPam

    You are hilarious. You keep bringing up the Taj Mahal. LMAO!!!

    Let me guess, you are going to vote for the Flannel Mofia.

    Good luck with that!!!!!!

  10. It is too late to run as a Democrat. Fender could run as an Independent, however.

  11. Jack, What is rediculous is that fender is even running.

    How many more jobs will she lose?

  12. For those who are unaware of what the flannel mafia is – think people that certain “friends” who apparently still think it’s a funny way to describe those older people they don’t agree with – in a sarcastic way. It’s been mantioned on a different site as well.

    A bunch of folks just don’t get the difference between a civil opinion and bullying. They probably like the power they get putting others down.

    Don’t listen to bullies.

  13. Zorro, You’re an ignorant fool.

    Are you saying that a persons employment status has everything to do with their qualification and that it couldn’t be becasue of the poor economy? If you are saying that about Pam, then you are saying that about countless others who are struggling to find employment.

    I don’t know what Pam’s current employment status is in that regard. It’s really none of my business. But I know for a fact that Pam is ALWAYS working for the community. She stays involved. There isn’t one event that I can think of in the past decade that I’ve lived here that I haven’t seen her be involved in. That says a lot about a person. That says to me that she cares.

    What has Marty done? What has Linda done?

    That’s why she’s a threat and that’s why she’s being challenged.

  14. @anonymous at 5:34 pm… One thing to say to you about bullies and bullying… “Vote the same way as the people wearing the green shirts” It is because of these individuals who backed Moore the we are in this mess today.

  15. Yes Jack that’s right!

    They may have turned on Moore now, but to me that doesn’t matter.

    At one time they were with her. They wore the green shirts to the annual meeting in hopes that they got people to vote a certain way. Really?

    We need to get the word out that these candidates are no good.

  16. Anti green shirt people

    Are you the same folks who wore pink and black to promote the 158 referendum?

    Even to the point of some going to the polls that way?

    Striking teachers have no problem wearing colors, etc.

    Where are your complaints about them?

  17. My complaints about them are 4 years in the past, and I was dead set against them, too, for your information.

    I believe in an informed, intelligent voter making their own decisions, not a couple of individuals scaring people into blindly following them like sheep, by using lies and half-truths

  18. The mess will be cleaned up when we have new trustees. .. who you know, do their job instead of whine and moan, launch loosing lawsuits, and scream at cameras.

  19. OH MY GOODNESS! A notice (about 4 by 8 inches big ) to vote for Fender has been completely glued to my storm door. It won’t peel off. It is below zero these days. Using water will freeze.

    Not sure I have alcohol around to see if that would work.

    Neighbors are asking what that is.

    I should stand outside in this weather trying to get it off?

    I should vote for someone that inconsiderate and thoughless???

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