Jim Harrison Plans Fund Raiser-Employment Seminar for Police

The following invitation concerns McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison Tuesday political rally and informational seminar for Sheriff’s Deputies and Police.

Harrison will explain how he intends to restore “leadership, integrity and public confidence” in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

The ability of sworn officers to participate in political activity will be explained.

Recently retired Coroner Marlene Lantz will be a special guest.

Harrison is running against Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Undersheriff Andy Zinke and former Des Plains Police Commander Bill Prim.


Jim Harrison Plans Fund Raiser-Employment Seminar for Police — 13 Comments

  1. Digging Marlene up and digging her out of the casket will not get you votes.

  2. Lantz as the special guest? Really?

    I have some advice for Jim. Take a good look at who you are surrounding yourself. Some of these people are on your band wagon because they have burnt their bridges and are grasping to anything that may resemble a chance for them to seem important.

    I have met Jim and his wife. I am familiar with their work with kids in martial arts. My opinion is that Jim Harrison is a good person with a real chance at being Sheriff if he dumps the baggage he is starting to collect.

    Cundiff and Lantz are baggage.

    A time will come, very possibly before the primary, where some things will come to light.

    Labor issues, criminal investigations, re-examination of previous cases, some of Jim’s friends may be on the wrong side of the issues raised.

    Unless of course they start to reach out to those they have wronged, at the behest of Nygren, and do the right thing.

    Form some new political alliances Jim. The ones you are making are only going to lead to a losing campaign.

  3. Steve, good points. However it is apparent that you did not know Jim when his was the buddy of the disgraced State Attorney, Gary Pack.

    Many of us know who he has surrounded himself with.

  4. Yes, VERY TIGHT with the Nygren/Pack crowd.

    When Glen Gable lost to Lou Bianchi, Harrison’s link to the “cash cow” was cut off.

    Bianchi would take the cases in house that Harrison used to get.

    Made a bundle of tax payer money.

    Not the guy we would want.

  5. Bad move Mr. Harrison! (I do not know you Mr. Harrison, so my comments are just a suggestion. Im glad to see you appear to be a man who doesn’t run from his beliefs. I admire you for that)

    Very quietly, “old bones” are being unearthed.

    Bill Prim seems to be the only candidate for the 2014, Sheriff’s race that seems to ‘get it!’

    To ALL the wonderful, dedicated men and women working at the McHenry County Sheriffs Department. “NOW” is the time to begin organizing because it’s “YOUR” future that this next Sheriffs race will dictate.

    Begin having monthly private meetings at your homes, watch each others backs and close in a tight circle. Keep your lines of communications wide open to one another.

    Remember, you do NOT have to take what it placed before you, this time, control your own destiny.

    I hope States Attorney Bianchi steps up and “Publicly” stands side by side a candidate.

    There comes a time when you have can unleash your political power, I pray today you begin your journey and capitalize on your good will for the benefit of the many who place you in high esteem.

    I predict, ‘some’ involved’ in this race will be indicted and embroiled in Federal litigation very soon, within the next year.

    Anybody want to take me up on my thus far, 1.000 batting average?

  6. Harrison/Cundiff is the only choice in this upcoming election..Harrison will bring his legal experience while Cundiff can bring his Law Enforcement background and help bridge the gap at the Sheriffs Office which currently is experiencing extremely low morale and dissatisfaction with the current regime..

    When the dirt comes out on Prim and his prompt retirement from a department that had numerous controversies, us voters will be left with only one choice..

    Jim Harrison keep surrounding yourself with the right people..

  7. I know a guy who has made the promise that Anton “Tough Guy” Cundiff will never set foot back in the MCSD.

    It’s not Nygren and it’s not Zinke.

    It’s a guy with way bigger balls.

    Go shag the golf balls Tony, that’s all your good for anyway.

  8. Wow, all the negative comments!

    Must be from people “hired” to write them or people who have not worked at the Sheriff’s Department long enough to know Marlene and Tony.

    Who would make a promise “that Anton “Tough Guy” Cundiff will never set foot back in the MCSD”?

    As you stated, “It’s not Nygren and it’s not Zinke. It’s a guy with way bigger balls.”


    That statement sounds like it was one made by the same group of individuals who are constantly “bullying” the employees!

    Now they think they can “control” who sets foot back in the MCSD?

    I’m glad you made this statement actually, thank you.

    People need to hear what is really said at the MCSD.

    How they treat(ed) their dedicated employees.

    No wonder moral is so low.

    Jim doesn’t just jump into a decision without knowing all the facts.

    This is a prime example of why he would be an asset to the citizens of McHenry County.

    Jim is always doing research to make sure things are being done the right way, the legal way.

    It’s time for the employees to pull together and take a stand.

    If you don’t take a stand now, please do not complain about the way things are at work.

    Remember when Tony worked at the MCSD he fought for the people, for his employees.

    If you think he was the final decision maker, you are sadly mistaken.

    Unfortunately for Tony, a lot of what he fought for was ignored.

    That certainly was not Tony’s fault.

    Marlene and Tony both know the “inner workings” of the MCSD.

    They will make AWESOME advocates to determine right from wrong.

    They both have an amazing passion for helping people.

    They are both retired and could easily walk away from all the dramatic B.S.

    They are on their time.

    They’ve served their dues.

    This should be their time to spend with their families and friends.

    Instead they are taking a stand to do the right thing.

  9. Ok I just had to jump in on this. I read the informational flyer and noted the following lines:




    Some people here are haters and have grudges going back decades, some more recent. Stop and ask yourself if this. Is this the first contested Sheriff election in this county? I vividly remember the elections of past decades. Remember the wars between Hendle, Sanders, Schalz, Sexton, Mullen, and Nygren all of whom ran raucous heated campaigns. Others suitors not mentioned were from OUTSIDE the MCSO. All had their individual camps and all were accused of nefarious activities against each other. Yards signs stolen, knocked down, counted checked and cataloged. Arrows flung and barbs exchanged. Lists as to who was support whom? I don’t remember anyone getting fired, in fact a couple went on to attain noteworthy positions under their previous contentious opponent.

    Mentioned on anther blog are these ‘Cock Robbins’ crying the sky will fall if you attend, remember this. Regardless who becomes Sheriff in two years or who holds the reins right now, any actions affecting YOUR employment and or any censure toward you would subject them to PERSONAL liability. In other words THEY pay damages out of their personal assets, NOT the county. Attending does not mean you endorse any candidate; it is your lawful right to stop and listen.

    I have known Jim Harrison for many years going back to when he was a Sheriff’s patrol deputy. Now he is a noted attorney specializing in employee law. This is a special aspect of practice, ironically those same basic issues having plagued the Sheriff’s Department for the past couple years. Jim’s focused expertise in employee law extends to an honored position as an adjunct law professor at John Marshall Law School. He teaches and lectures on employee law, rights and disciplinary issues. He is an expert in both employer and employee rights and the laws pertaining to both. I think it would be an eye opening occasion.

    I encourage every local law enforcement or public employee to attend and listen to what he says. Political opener yes, but it also looks to be a free educational opportunity. In fact anyone interested in what the law states about employee rights should attend. I’ll be there and encourage others to attend.

  10. Hello? OMG.

    Does anyone even mention or notice the terrible things that Jim Harrison did to innocent people, in the NW Herald several weeks ago? You all know what story I’m talking about. It is so sad that this is overlooked BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

    The only person who is worthy of being sheriff in this race is Zinke.

    Let’s not forget that Jim Harrison didn’t want to be a police officer any more.

    So, he left and went on to other things.

    If he didn’t care to do it anymore then I certainly don’t want him to decide that today’s the day just because he feels like it.

    Maybe he really doesn’t want to be sheriff either and he’s just bored with himself.

    He is not worthy of being sheriff.

    He has terrible ethics, hmm, no ethics, and his actions resemble a certain being south of this earth.

    Cold, calculated, and effectually lacking in strength, value, and integrity.

  11. Interesting comments Isabella B – do you have more to share?

    Maybe we should be looking for a fourth candidate?

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